Embarking on a New Journey into Blogging


Hello and welcome to Metro Brokers’ blog! This is our first post and I’m thrilled to say that Metro Brokers is moving full-speed ahead into Web 2.0. In fact, we’re the first full-service real estate company in Atlanta to have a blog that serves both consumers and Realtors.

Here’s where you’ll find the latest and greatest news on everything real estate related – from home buying and selling tips, to marketing ideas, to technology trends. You can expect posts at least twice a week and probably even more (we have a lot to share).

Most of the posts will come from key staff members, all of whom have many years of experience and knowledge to share (yes, there are many wildly interesting people here…starting with me of course). Check out our profiles and connect with us on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Profiles.

We plan to make this blog informative and interesting to read. You’ll be able to search for posts by category, date, keyword and by contributor. Plus, we want comments from you on our posts. I encourage you to comment when you have something you’d like to add, something you’d like to see featured, or even if you just want to let us know you found the info useful or interesting.

So bookmark this blog, email it to a friend/colleague/client or add our RSS feed to your favorite reader (i.e., iGoogle, etc.) and stay tuned for more news at Metro Brokers. We want you to keep coming back for an abundance of information you can use.

Here’s a quick look at a few topics you can expect in the coming weeks:
• Diving into Social Networking
• Your Online Personal Brand
• Saving your Home from Foreclosure
• The Ins and Outs of ARMs
• What People Look for in a Realtor
• Marketing Your Agent Website

Stay Tuned,

Kevin Levent
President and CEO

Your Happy Broker!

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33 Responses to “Embarking on a New Journey into Blogging”

  1. Dennis Doll Says:

    Great way to mix and mingle with both prospective clients as well as other agents. I am looking forward to getting information and jumping ahead of the competition….AGAIN!

  2. Eddie Krebs Says:

    Well said Kevin! I can’t wait to share my ideas with our agent and consumer audiences. I have some really fun upcoming posts on social networking, mobility, agent websites and more. A big welcome to our internet friends!

  3. Jennie Nerud Says:

    This is such a GREAT idea! I was really excited to see the article this morning on the Metro Net!
    -Jennie Nerud
    Sr Loan Officer
    Metro Brokers Financial

  4. Mark Broyles Says:

    Great! Another reason Metro Brokers is head and shoulders above every other company in town. The blog is a great addition the already awesome opportunities on LinkedIn and Facebook. Agents should go on those sites, as well and join the Metro Brokers groups. Kevin, Tisha and Eddie, thanks for being way ahead of our competition!

  5. Carol Call Says:

    Thank you for keeping us in the public relations loop!

  6. Tisha Gay Says:

    I’m excited about our venture into blogging. It’s wonderful to be able to share ideas with our agents and their clients right away. Some of my upcoming entries are going to cover social networking, driving more traffic to your listings, internet marketing, writing powerful property descriptions and much more.
    I hope that you walk away with new ideas after reading each entry and share some of your own in the comments!

  7. Lakica Smith Says:

    This is so wonderful! I can’t wait to share my ideas with other agents and consumer audiences. I am looking forward to getting information and jumping ahead of the competition.

  8. Michael A. McFadden Says:

    There’s no place like Metro Brokers GMAC Real Estate. Blogging while you work… Awesome place to be a part of!!!

  9. Craig McClelland Says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and innovation, constantly vaulting Metro Brokers to the forefront. It’s exciting to be in business for yourself ,not by yourself.

  10. Valery Smallwood Says:

    Thank you, for keeping us abreast of technology and resourceful ways to communicate with the general public!

  11. Lorelei Fischer Says:

    Congratulations on once again being ahead of the crowd! I love this company! I love the way that from the very core we think BIG! Can’t wait to glean cutting edge info and have some fun with the new blog. Thanks, everyone.

  12. Donna N. Hogan Says:

    Everytime you raise the bar another level, I’m always eager to rise to the occassion. Thanks for keeping me sharp! Good job Kevin!

  13. Bill Mortensen Says:

    Congratulations for again keeping not only all of us at this company in the forefront in technology but also helping to inform the customers we are here to help and give premier service too. Great job to the whole team.

  14. Kim-Sue Horton Says:

    Thanks Kevin & Staff!

  15. Kim Wheeler Says:

    I always have been impressed with the forward mindedness of the company. Forward is our future!

  16. Roberto H. Cortez Says:

    I think technology is only going to keep us ahead of the comeptition so of course this new way of keeping us in touch will definitely help.

  17. Timothy McFadden Says:

    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages.” Shakespeare

    History will repeat itself again as time will show that Metro Brokers will leave our mark as we forge ahead as pioneers leading the world in inovation, and that human touch.

  18. Corey A Mason Says:

    What a great time to be in this business. Inventory is abundant, rates are low and Metro Brokers is #1.

  19. Terry Young Says:

    Thanks! Done

  20. Gerard Dickson Says:

    Again, the branding of a great company philosophy and vision melted into a seamless interactive approach to keep us all ahead of the curve. Recruiting competitors ask me all the time, why not leave Metro Brokers Financial. I ask them, “What do you have to offer that TOPS what we are doing”. Their reply, ahh well………end of story. Metro Brokers is the premier Real Estate and Financial company bar none! Go Team!!

  21. Kevin Moody Says:

    Job Well Done Kevin. In this very unique Real Estate Market, it’s very exciting to be associated with a company always one step ahead of the competition. Social Networking will be a vital key to everyone’s success.

  22. Britt Argo Says:

    I love it. I just started Facebooking last month and have already reconnected with past clients, and possible future client leads. Just had a meeting last week with a home inspector to talk about her success with blogs and social networking. And then we get our own blog. This is fabulous. Will definatley help us get the word out, brand us, etc. Thanks for all the new Media Support. This is GREAT.–Britt Argo-Realtor-The Broyles Team (Metrobrokers/ GMAC-North Fulotn.

  23. Don Regan Says:

    Its great to be part of a MetroBrokers an innovative and progressive company. While other companies are cutting back and losing market share MetroBrokers continues to move ahead and implement technologies to ensure our success and support our customers needs.

  24. Brenda Regan Says:

    I love the teamwork and the vision of Metro Brokers. We are THE place to be for professional agents who are serious about expanding their marketplace – this endeavor is just another great example of how we reach out in more places than any other company. Well Done and Thank You! (The Regan Team in the Beautiful North Georgia Mountains)

  25. Tiki Carter Says:

    I think this blog will be a useful source of information for Metro Brokers agents new and experienced. I have always enjoyed interacting with the Metro Brokers agents. I have made it a habit to check out the daily updates on Facebook, just like I do my email. Metro Brokers agents give me a glass of positive energy and inspiration each morning. Thanks Kevin for not only making all of this possible, but for being a part of the change.

  26. Ennis Antoine Says:

    Great Job Kevin. Now is the time to Blog,Twitter & Facebook. We know that 87% of the people start their search online and we are there to meet them. Thanks for staying ahead of the curve.

  27. Michelle Amendola Says:

    All: kudos! Congrats on another job well done. Keep on blogging!!

  28. Dick Warren Says:

    Kevin it is easy to see why you are the leader in the industry … because you are always ahead of the field in every marketing direction. Metro Brokers agents are very fortunate that you are in charge of planning their individual success when you give the “thumbs up” to the successful marketing programs that you come up with. Thank you for the “State-of-the-art technology” that is costing Metro Brokers millions of dollars each year to allow all of your agents to work for the best Real Estate Company in Georgia.

  29. Connie Miller Says:

    Thanks Kevin for keeping us ahead of the curve; giving us the opportunity to be the best!

  30. Darryl Pierce Says:

    Kevin, Thanks for staying ahead of the Technology curve instead of playing catch up like so many other companies. It is nice to have someone else focus getting these tools for us so we can focus on our business.

  31. Ketti Chipman Says:

    What a great way for us to keep up with the “pulse” of the company through everyone involved. Nicely done, sir!

  32. Capri Wilbanks Says:

    I think blogging is great! A great way for Metro Brokers/GMAC to provide value to their customers, by providing them with interesting content and giving them another way to interact with the company.

  33. Bonnie Collins Says:

    We’re beyond cutting edge … we’re bleeding edge. Love all this social networking!

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