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socialnetworkingHello everyone! It’s pretty cool to see our blog up and running. In just one day, we’ve had a great initial response. Thanks for the friendly welcome!

Today, I have another announcement…Metro Brokers is diving even deeper into social networking with more opportunities for you to connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Click on the links here to make a connection.  LinkedIn    Twitter   Facebook

Some of our contributors (including me) are on these sites too, so you can follow what we’re working on, our thoughts and comments from other people we network with regularly.

What’s the big deal?

Social networking sites are so popular now that they represent the majority of the Top 5 Most Popular Websites on Google. Facebook, for example, has more than 200 million active users and more than 3.5 billion minutes are spent on the site each day.

It’s critical for agents to begin using these sites as a marketing tool. Social networking sites are perfect for expanding your sphere of influence, staying in touch with family and friends and following up with clients to build relationships and ultimately gain more business. It’s all about establishing relationships and letting people get to know you.

How do I get started?

Go ahead and get started today by creating quick profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and then send an email to invite all of your clients, family and friends to connect with you. Real estate is a relationship business and social networking is nothing more than taking what you’re doing in the real world to the online world.

And whatever you do, DO NOT SELL…I can’t emphasize this enough. For example, you should never post a Tweet that says, “Looking for a Realtor? Call me” or “What are you waiting for? Email me.”

Be patient. Remember, people are looking for info. You want to be a source of info and engage your online fans to interact with you. Don’t get caught up in how many friends or followers you have on these sites. Instead, it’s more important to focus on engaging your audience so they begin interacting with you online and building a relationship. All you really need is a handful of online fans for this to pay off.

After you complete a basic profile, I’d recommend observing what others are doing for the first week or so and then take the leap yourself.

Learn more about social networking

In the coming weeks, I will be writing about social networking, the benefits, providing tips as well as do’s and don’ts. Be sure to subscribe to our blog and check back for more helpful hints.

Let me hear what you think. Write a comment.

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13 Responses to “Diving into Social Networking”

  1. Eddie Krebs Says:

    As always, great stuff Tisha!

  2. April Says:

    Awesome. I look forward to learning more about social networking. Thanks for the info.

  3. Valerie McDonald Says:

    I have been on Facebook just a short time myself. Interesting to watch the interactions.

  4. Kim-Sue Horton Says:

    I recently started my own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts. I can say for certain the interaction on Facebook can’t be beat; I’m not sold on Twitter and LinkedIn yet.

    With regards to YouTube; even if I don’t have buyers calling off my videos yet (I know they will), my clients are impressed that I can show them (and potential buyers) their listing right on my phone.

  5. Craig McClelland Says:

    Great rule of thumb on the SN sites. We could use a Top 13 don’ts on SN. I appreciate all the efforts and attention that’s being placed on SN. The opportunities are endless. Communicating and idea sharing is a great use. But remember its simple networking on steroids…..

  6. conyersom Says:

    Good article, Tisha, and so very timely. Your report is right up there with the GMA, Today and Early show reporters of worldwide fame. The social websites are all they’re talking about and most of what they’re using! Walt Disney drilled it into our heads years ago that “it’s a small world” and the technology of today is making it even smaller. I wonder if even he (Good Ol’ Walt) imagined what’s happening now. In conversation with my sister today, her Facebook page had a message to be a “friend” from one of the Conyers agents. They don’t know each other and neither are sure how they connected but what are the odds I’m the common link. It gives the Six Degrees game a whole different dimension. Social Networking is the wave of the future and if I don’t jump now I’m afraid I’ll get lost in cyberspace. I’m anxious to see the Metro blog take off and re-connect with agents from different offices that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit with because of my stationary position. It’s exciting. Buzz Lightyear may have gone to infinity and beyond but now he’s got company and will have to watch out for Metro Mike and the thousands of his pals in cyberspace. Thank Kevin for letting us hitch a ride on this terrific shuttle.

  7. Karen Johnson Says:

    I have been on Facebook and LinkedIn for about 6 months now. I just dove into Twitter too. My husband and real estate partner has his profile on all of these as well. We have received 2 listings because of reconnecting to past classmates from college on Facebook.com. It really does work! We use Ping.fm to update our status on all of our social networking portals at one time. It works great!

    Keep up the great work! It’s wonderful to work for a Broker that’s innovative and on the cutting edge of technology and marketing!

  8. Melissa Maxie Says:

    I am very excited to see this new blog!

    Networking and blogging REALLY do work! Even for us agents way up here in the North Georgia Mountains!

    I currently have two properties “under contract” because of networking, blogging and my Agent Website!

    One of my sellers also blogs and he was blogging with a fellow that has been talking about buying property in the North Georgia Mountains…My seller, having lots of land in the area started talking to him about our area and then told the buyer about me…his agent! My seller then emailed me the email address of the potential buyer, I emailed the potentail buyer and in 2 days they were up here in the mountains looking at property. Within 2 weeks we had a contract and are set to close in just a couple of weeks.

    So…network & blog! It is the new Wave…and it is easy. Also, update your Agent Website…What a cool tool!!

    Best of all….this is all FREE stuff!

  9. Dennis Doll Says:

    Social networking is a great avenue. I am still getting my feet wet and have lots of questions / info to learn.
    Wanted to let everyone know that TinaTheTermite has joined twitter and is loving it.

  10. Sheron Careathers Says:

    I am only on Facebook and MySpace currently. I’ve only been on a short time 3-4 weeks, but the interaction is very interesting. Very good article. I look forward to following the blog and watching my network and business grow. I am going to check out LinnkedIn and start a YouTube account for Real Estate. I’ve been using YouTube a while not, but not for Real Estate.

  11. K Bernard Strong Says:

    Real Estate has to be one of the most dynamic industries in existence. The introduction of the social networking piece as a part of an agents overall market strategy is both interesting and stimulating. All of this “new stuff” ,undoubtedly, presents a challenge for “seasoned agent” that came into the industry when there were no cellphones, computers, faxes and Internet. But rest assured I am not going to be left behind!!!!

    With Web 2.0 , I am presented with another opportunity to use my creative energies to generate business opportunities and enhance my personal and team branding. If you get a chance, go to http://www.youtube.com and type in my name in the Search box. (It’s interesting to see what you can do with a flip camera and a youtube account.) Construction comments are welcomed.

    Man, I love this business!!!!!

  12. Connie Miller Says:

    I’m looking forward to this new venture (for me that is, ha!). It’s never too late.

  13. kristinwilhoyte Says:

    For those of you on Facebook, be sure to become a fan of Metro Mike! He’s the coolest yard sign you ever did see!

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