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Let’s just say that working for Kevin Levent keeps every day interesting.  Let’s take, for example, a comment from last week’s blog where he “accidentally” let the cat out of the bag about our new mobile website.  Way to steal my thunder Kevin!

Well, today I get to announce OFFICIALLY that we launched a mobile version of the Metro Brokers website.  I can’t tell you how excited all us techies are.  It not only uses some cool new technology (ASP.Net MVC for those technically inclined), but it’s super fast and leverages the power of our one-0f-a-kind listing search engine.

I’ll list some highlights for you here, but make sure to check it out yourself.  Go to from your mobile phone, or just hit from anywhere.

Mobile Residential Listing Search

All 130,000+ listings from FMLS, GAMLS, and NEG MLS are now available from anywhere.  You can search based on address, city, zip, MLS number and more.  Now, when you have your buyer customer with you in the car, you can drive by a house and have the listing data at your fingertips.  Try entering only the street number for a super-fast search.   Each listing is integrated with the mobile version of Google Maps, allowing you to see the property location on a map designed to fit your mobile phone’s screen. 

Mobile Agent Search

All of our agents are available via the Agent Search feature on the mobile site.  Each agent’s headshot and contact information is displayed in a “mini-profile.”  Also, each Metro Brokers’ listing shows the agent’s name and links directly to their mini-profile.

Mobile Office Search

Consumers who need directions to an office can easily locate the address via the Office Search feature.  We have also integrated a link to the mobile version of Google Maps and we show a photo of the office that can assist in identifying the office on sight.

Tips for Web Browsing on Your Mobile Phone

If you’re having trouble viewing this site on your phone, try fiddling with your options.  Sometimes you may change your settings while viewing incompatible sites, and those settings are remembered.  For example, on a Palm Treo with Windows Mobile, try setting the option to “Fit to Screen.”

Let us know what you think; feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks to Ken, Trygve, and Cahn for some great programming. And thanks to Kevin, I guess, for… um…  letting us use his phone to test the site.  🙂

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37 Responses to “Moving Forward: Metro Brokers Mobile”

  1. Craig McClelland Says:

    Eddie you hit this one out of the park. Metro Mobile is a huge addition to the Metro Brokers arsenal. Not many companies take advancing technology to a new level. Its great to be a industry leader. I have spent all morning on the mobile site it works great and easy to get to the listing content and maps. Now we need to get the news to our clients and the public.

  2. Terry Young Says:

    Way to go! Just added the mobile site to my Treo800. Is there nothing the IT Team at MTBR can’t do!!!! You ROCK!

  3. Tisha Gay Says:

    It’s exciting to work for a company that continues to stay ahead of the pack to provide agents with tools they need to succeed. Plus, buyers are going to love being able to find out more about a listing right from their phone.

    The new mobile site looks great and is lightening fast. Awesome job!

    Already working on ways to promote it. More info to come soon.

  4. conyersom Says:

    Wow! Metro Brokers truly is everywhere and I can’t imagine an agent will want to be without this option. The wiring part may begin with that “Can you hear me now?” guy and all his 3G network but the working real estate connection begins with Kevin Levent and his technology/networking gurus! What a company and what great things it offers! I’m exicited and what a great reason to upgrade my phone!

  5. Kurt Cooper Says:

    Fantastic Application of Technology by the Metrobrokers Technology Group. Excellent Job of Leveraging All Available Resources to Deliver Cutting Edge Technology to the Largest Real Estate Brokerage in Georgia.

  6. Yvonne Thomas-Brooks Says:

    I agree with Terry Young on every word! The Metro Brokers IT department is the best! Think of all the possibilities this will open up for everyone. Are we adding “Now Mobile” on the billboards? (I-285 may not be the safest place for people to try it out – lol)

  7. Lorelei Fischer Says:

    You guys ARE amazing! I love bragging about our hi-tech, always at least a step ahead company! And, I am pushed and stretched everyday out of my comfort zone which keeps me learning–it’s a good place to be! Buyers are coming out of the woods now and we’re ready! Thanks MB!

  8. kristinwilhoyte Says:

    I LOVE this mobile site…this is going to make life a lot easier for a lot of people! I have a Blackberry (Curve), and I have a suggestion for anyone else with a Blackberry. Be sure to have your Browser Configurations set to “Support HTML Tables” and “Support Style Sheets”. This is under “Options”. For some strange reason, my phone was not set this way by default. This is the best way to view the site.

    Great job IT team!

  9. Bill Mortensen Says:

    Now I really need a new phone and new phone plan in order to move ahead.

  10. Melissa Maxie Says:

    This new mobile website is awesome. I have already used it to pull up a property that I didn’t have with me while showing homes to a couple. The couple was very impressed that I was able to give them information on the spot! Way to go IT…I love having all the Metro Technology on board with me in my Real Estate career! This all makes my job so much easier. Keep up the good work IT!!!!

  11. Steve Adkins Says:

    Outstanding! Great new addition to our high tech tools!!!

    I just tried it on my phone and it works great.

  12. Arthur Harris Says:

    Great tool especially when you are previewing homes with buyers.

  13. Linda Ragghianti Says:

    I played around with this a bit and it is wonderful! Very helpful tool.
    Will there eventually be a way to get the listing agent info? Often times we may see a listing when out with clients and we are unsure about the showing times/availability etc. This would help us at least call the agent or owner if we happen to want to do an impromptu showing.

    • Eddie Krebs Says:

      Hi Linda!

      If the listing agent is with Metro Brokers, the contact information is there. We have no plans to put outside agents’ information on the site. This is simply because potential buyers may call that agent, not understanding he/she cannot provide the high quality of service of a Metro Brokers’ agent. That would be doing the consumer a disservice.

      The listing broker’s name is at the bottom of the listing details. If you are trying to reach the listing agent, you can contact the broker.

      Thanks for your comments!

      • Regina Crothers Says:

        I agree with you Eddie, thank you and team for the wonderful work that you do!!!

      • Linda Ragghianti Says:

        Thanks for the explanation and I completely understand. Just wasn’t sure if Metro Brokers agents would have special access to a “full report”.

  14. Patti Raygor Says:

    This is FANTASTIC !!! We are staying up on the latest and greatest high technology!!!

  15. Dixie Schantz Says:

    Business is getting better & better! I love the new technology & the mobile MB’s website! We are always on the cutting edge…just where we need to be! In addition, I have really put the IT department to the test for tech support…Louie, YOU’RE the best!!

  16. Paul Cross Says:

    Terrific technology like this continues to make Metrobrokers the “best” brokerage firm in Georgia. This tool will allow everyone to be one step ahead of the competition. Keep up the wonderful job IT. Kevin, thanks for providing us all with the tools to be successful. Everyone have a terrific Friday!

  17. Regina Crothers Says:

    This is great! I wonder when other agents will realize no other company offer the benefits we have with Metro Brokers, the 100% commissions is just not worth what we get with our broker. Thank you Kevin Levent!!!

  18. Phyllis Rodkin Says:

    This is a great tool for the agents. Thank you for your continued research to provide the best service for our agent and their clients. That’s why Metro Brokers is the best!

  19. conyersom Says:

    I can’t believe anyone has missed this information. It’s okay if your phone is smarter than you are- the mobile Metro site makes you look like a genius-wherever you are! Keeping up with the fast paced world of technology and staying ahead of other companies- thank you Kevin and Eddie for making Metro Brokers the leaders we are!

  20. Leora Johnson Says:

    Metro Mobile is the technical innovation I have been waiting for since I got my first TREO 5 years ago. I now have the TREO800W. Hallelujah. Thanks Metro Brokers/GMAC for looking out and keeping us ahead of the rest.

  21. Hannelore Ahearn Says:

    This is totally cool. Life is very mobile. I love to be connected. Fantastic option!

  22. Starlia Johnson Says:

    Great job Keven and the IT Team!!! Metro Brokers staying on the “Cutting Edge”

  23. Danielle Alleyne Says:

    This is awesome. Fast, simple and for todays mobile on the GO GO Go use. GREAT@

  24. Michael A. McFadden Says:

    True story: this week, on my way to one of our offices. I forgot what exit to get off. So instead of having to call the call center (I know they would’ve gotten a kick, out of me being lost). I was able to go to our website using my phone. Directions in an instant, and no I was not looking for the corp office.

  25. Lucretia Collins Says:

    Metro Brokers is a great company to work with! Im glad to know that i’m not the only one trying to stay ahead of the “others….” It really is rewarding knowing that you have a strong company with such awesome support! Thanks for everything!!

  26. Shannon Byrdsong Says:

    Kevin is always ahead of the competition!! Thanks for all the time, money and efforts you put into making up the leading firm in GA!! Have a great weekend all!!!

  27. Carmelia Bruton Says:

    This is awesome to have access to listings by phone. Great idea!

  28. Brenda Regan Says:

    This is SO much easier than the other mobile sites that I could never get to work. I love the fact that we can pull up all the photos and descriptions. Is there any way we can have the mls directions to download also? The mapping is still not accurate in “our neck of the woods”.

    Thank you TEAM!! We Love you guys!!!

  29. Donna Ratcliff Says:

    Like I keep saying……..almost 30 yrs in the business before finding the right tools and right training !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. christina poodt Says:

    Great Tool! I am going to switch to a Blackberry as my Treo is not so good with email etc.

    Any advice on this?
    Have a Great Memorial Day weekend! I look forward to your Cook out on Tuesday at Northlake Mr Kevin “Cook”

  31. sherri schaefer Says:

    incredible. Enough said:)

  32. wayne hunt Says:

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