Happy Anniversary to Us!


anniversaryToday marks the one month anniversary of the Metro Brokers blog, so I thought I’d find out from you (our readers) just how you think we’re fairing.

I want this blog to remain interesting, educational and more importantly – informative. My hope is that everyone who reads this blog will share it with others (friends, family, clients, and colleagues). I also want visitors to feel compelled to leave comments – send us a question, expand upon the topic with your own experiences, give advice others may be able to use or let us know you’d like to see more written on a particular topic. You may even disagree with us from time-to-time, but we welcome constructive criticism.

My Thoughts

I think we’ve accomplished a lot in just a few short weeks, which is incredible for a new blog. There have been 21 entries (this one included) to the blog so far that have commanded more than 20,000 views.

However, the most staggering number is that we’ve had almost 300 comments on those entries from Realtors as well as home buyers. I’ve seen blogs that are much more established that don’t have even a quarter of the comments we have and they’ve been around for several years. In addition, one buyer commented on the entry about foreclosures several days after it ran and stated within their comment that they were looking to buy. This shows how powerful this blog can be.

Plus, WordPress ranks the Metro Brokers Blog at #69 on its Top 100 Growing Blogs. In the words of Larry David from the hit HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, “Pretty good!”

I want this to continue to be a huge success, so please send a link to the blog (https://blog.metrobrokers.com/) to everyone you know today and continue reading everyday (subscribe via email or subscribe in a reader).

I Want To Hear From You

Let me know what you think and what you’d like to see more of from the blog. Leave your comment below.

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14 Responses to “Happy Anniversary to Us!”

  1. Christina Poodt Says:

    I really love this Blog! It is full of useful information and links and “how to’s” Thanks everyone for all your work and efforts. Real Estate is team work for sure, and this just helps to keep us all up to speed. You are all much appreciated!

  2. Michael A. McFadden Says:

    Happy Anniversay MB Blog!! Sounds like it’s time for a party. But seriously– I challenge everyone in the Metro Brokers family – to continue their efforts in making “OUR” blog – the hottest blog out today.

    • Terry Young Says:

      We are having a party today at Northlake – – come to the cookout!! Celebrate MTBR’s success!!

  3. Craig McClelland Says:

    Metro Brokers has taken the path of valuable reading, I read so many blogs that lose my interest due to poor information. You have acheived great content, keep it coming and the popularity of the blog will grow. Metro has been doing a great job with the FB, twitter and linkedin groups also. Social networking is a big undertaking, I’m excited we’re taking it so seriously.

  4. Dennis Doll Says:

    I find the Metro Brokers Blog to be very informative and easily accessed. Every Metro Agent and every Atlanta area Home Buyer should be visiting on a regular basis to see up to date information in this ever changing Real Estate Market.

    Congratulations on the 1 month anniversary and the continued success of the Metro Brokers Blog.

  5. Laurie Bos Says:

    Happy Anniversary! This blog is great – full of interesting, relevant information! Keep up the great work!

  6. Fran Stiakakis Says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I love this blog. There is always very timely information. I’m sending other people the link so they can be as informed as I am. Thanks and keep it coming!!

  7. Mary Ann Varner Says:

    Happy Anniversary to our MTBR Blog!! This blog is great! So informative and so very helpful. Thanks everyone!

  8. conyersom Says:

    Happy Anniversary! The blog is a wonderful tool for information. While just today I used it for recruiting purposes while speaking with a “walk-in”. I had just read today’s blog so I had facts and figures to impress with and I had the information from previous days to educate an out-of-towner on the state tax credit. All I did was point it and shoot it her way! It’s great being the kid on the block with all the new toys- the others just can’t keep up! This blog is full of articles that pertain to the buying/selling side of real estate as well as the personal side (Social Networking) of the business. It’s something for everyone! Real Estate is a demanding profession, recreating itself at every turn and as such we need all the information we can to keep up. No need to check a half dozen sites when it’s right here at our home fingertips!! Thanks, Kevin!

  9. Yvonne Thomas-Brooks Says:

    Happy Anniversary to the blog & to all of us who read the blog! My favorite thing is reading the comments at the bottom of new updates. It gives fabulous insight about the readers & shares different perspectives on topics that matter to us. I like to think of it as a conversation in your “Bunny Slippers”. Happy reading!

  10. Mark Broyles Says:

    Just like a new relationship! One month anniversary! So sickingly cute! Seriously, this is a dynamite resource with some of the brightest minds in Real Estate. Happy Anniversary! Now get a room! Maybe a chat room!

  11. sherri schaefer Says:

    As I have stated before our company is incredible! The Metro Brokers Blog is just another tool to keep ourselves and clients up to date. Great showings yesterday, I used the on-line mobile feature while out showing property! It was fabulous. Thanks, Metro Brokers Team. Happy Anniversary

  12. Steve Adkins Says:

    Good things are happening to good people who work in good places! Happy Birthday to the MB’s Blog!!!!

    If you haven’t signed up for the email updates to the blog, you need to do so quickly! It’s been the only way I have been able to keep up with this as business as been thru the roof lately! Hummmm…….. maybe the blogs had something to do with it? 😉

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