If At First You Don’t Succeed… Try Something Different


SuccessFailureI sometimes hear from commercial and business brokerage agents about the lack of opportunity or that they are not making as much money as they want to make. It’s not that I’m surprised to hear the complaint but rather the notion that the perceived problem is beyond the agent’s control. 

I always ask the agent to tell me how he/she is prospecting for new business. Then I follow by asking about the amount of time that is devoted to finding new business each day. Finally, I ask what the success percentage is for the prospecting they are doing. Answers to the questions typically include: “asking people I meet”, “no specific daily time allocation” and “I don’t know”. 

It doesn’t take long to discover what’s wrong or why expectations are falling short. Sadly, most of the time, the problem has existed for an extended period of time. In other words, what is being done each day isn’t working so you keep on doing it. Huh?

That’s like trying to reach a destination, not finding it and refusing to try a different route. (Stop and ask for directions so you can get on the right track!) I think we can agree that sales, as an industry, is challenging at best. Today’s consumer is better informed and more demanding than ever before. Earning the opportunity to be chosen by the consumer requires significant preparation, careful planning and consistent execution on a daily basis.

The good news is that it can be done so long as you are willing to apply yourself in the right way. There are many success stories being created in real estate today if you are disciplined, focused and determined. So what about you? 

Are you willing to take control of your real estate career? It’s not complicated but it’s not easy either. However, you can do it if you set your mind to it. You may have come to real estate so that you could take charge of your time, earnings and/or destiny. Well you’re the only person in the world that can make a success of you. So, if you’ve already tried it your way without the desired results, consider some new options.

Create a work schedule that you will faithfully honor. Start and end your days at specific times. If you were working for a company as an employee you would have to adhere to a specific schedule because it’s a big part of being productive.

Realize that real estate involves three basic tasks that must be addressed each and every day. The first task involves converting contacts into appointments. The second task involves converting appointments into representation agreements. And the third task involves advancing representation agreements to closings. Real estate isn’t easy because you have to constantly and successfully manage the three tasks without ignoring any of them.

When people are great at doing something, they make it look easy. Maybe that’s why some agents underestimate real estate challenges. Successful agents plan to succeed and then follow through each day with fundamental activity in sufficient quantity to make success a certainty. They carefully measure everything they do and use the information to make necessary changes. If you’re not achieving your objectives or earning what you know you’re worth, look away from excuses and realize that you control the outcome.

Why would you not take control and get what you want? Your comments are appreciated.

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7 Responses to “If At First You Don’t Succeed… Try Something Different”

  1. Anna Ighani Says:

    I have found your piece to be very inspiring. I believe these same principles apply in many aspects of our lives. One must analyze their path and determine if one is acheiving their goals. If not, something must change. You have outlined perfectly what agents must do on a daily basis to succeed and have given everyone food for thought of how to live their lives and accomplish personal goals.

    Thanks Dan for the great blog!

  2. Kim Churchill Says:

    Great article Dan. As real estate agents, we need to set goals and follow through with them. You must be accountable to your goals in order to be productive. I think our agents should consider registering for the PHD class even if you have been in the business for some time. Getting back to basics and taking advantage of our training could prove to be very beneficial, especially now when the market is challenging!

  3. conyersom Says:

    Great article, Dan! Sitting on the front lines looking out, I see so many agents start out like a race horse and die like a dog. (Oops! Hope I didn’t insult my dog.) Going into real estate or any business the mantra needs to be, “Failure is Not an Option!”. When things aren’t going as we anticipate, we have to realize, that like that ant, that we have to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and start all over again. The successful agents I know (and there are many) always have high hopes! Change is good and Metro Brokers agents are offered so many opportunities from classes to technology to make that change!

  4. Dennis Doll Says:

    Good article Dan! Like many others, I see much room for improvement for myself, and work on it every day. When I see a need to change direction, I follow a personal motto “If business is lacking …take a class! Metro Brokers has countless FREE training sessions available to answer most if not all the questions about our business success. When I make that commitment and enroll, I schedule that time right then and there. Later if I am checking for time to meet a client I honor the commitment made to myself (as well as the Trainer) and set another time with the client.

  5. Crystal Wyrick Says:

    Thanks Dan. Like Dennis, I find taking classes helps keep me motivated. Not only do I gain information but I often leave energized by my fellow agents, the instructors and new ideas. But even the best ideas are only good if they are implemented.

  6. Steve Adkins Says:

    Metro Brokers provides us with everything we need to be successful, it’s up to us to apply it to our daily practice. There is no way one person can learn everything about our profession, education is our key to success!

    Something a lot of people have a hard time learning is that something may not work the first time around, but unless you keep trying you will never know if it will ever work. Likewise, some people just cannot give up our old ways that no longer work.

    For the last couple of years I’ve been researching market trends, trying to find that crystal ball. Last year some people called me nuts for spending most of my time with trying to get into REO listings, that it was a waste of my time. I just had the best month of my career and have set the stage for my best year ever!

    There is no excuse for anyone to just sit at home waiting for the phone to ring, and no one will ever knock on your front door! No one ever plans to fail, but many fail to plan! The market is changing, buyers are out there, quality listings are out there, and agents from other companies are making money! We all need to ask ourselves; what have I done today to market myself? So… what have you done to market YOUR SELF today? As the old Nike commercial use to say “Just Do It!”.

  7. Becky Cronan Says:

    One of the many great things about Metrobrokers is the different resources it offers us. All of the different classes we can take-the different marketing approaches we can try.
    It’s difficult for some agents that think this is an easy career and that if you do a little here and a little there that things will eventually happen. Things will eventually happen-you will see that what little time you invested has given you very little in return.
    You can’t be afraid to listen to the ones who have achieved their goals and ask questions, you have to be aggressive enough to watch-listen and learn and then apply it to you and what you want to achieve. You also can’t “put it off until tomorrow” because their are agents out there who want it today!

    “If I focus on Results I will never Change.. If I focus on Change I will see results”

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