In the Market for a Realtor? Learn What to Look For.


bestThere are many resources available when looking for a real estate professional. You can search the Internet, inquire with friends and relatives, and you probably know more than a few yourself. However, the real dilemma lies not in how to find an agent but rather in finding the right agent.

According to customer surveys, the obvious things to look for are: Honesty, integrity, reputation, professionalism, knowledge and an effective communicator.

To this list, I must add tech savvy. Do not engage the help of an agent that does not use e-mail, internet marketing, and social networking. A successful real estate transaction depends on an agent’s ability to adapt sales and marketing strategies through the use of technology.

Another must is company support. Today’s deals take a city of experts — not just a lone agent. The loan application and approval process, appraisals, inspections, client communication, and agent communication can get complicated to the point that someone has to pull the team together. These circumstances often need the broker and or a broker representative to run interference. When considering an agent to represent you, always ask what support you can expect from the real estate brokerage.

Lastly, there are real estate agents and there are REALTORS®.  If a REALTOR® represents you, whether you are buying or selling a home, you can count on that REALTOR® to:

• Be honest with all parties in the transaction – not just with you, as his or her client, but also with the other real estate practitioner and his or her clients.
• Put your interests ahead of his or her own, at all times.
• Disclose all pertinent facts regarding the property and the transaction to both buyer and seller.
• Be truthful in all communications with the public.

By using the above guidelines, the complicated and sometimes painful home-buying or home-selling experience will have fewer surprises and happier endings.

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5 Responses to “In the Market for a Realtor? Learn What to Look For.”

  1. Deanna Carter Says:

    This is so true. I wish we could find an effective way to educate the public about this.

    • Brenda Waters Says:

      Why not put it in your listing/buyer presentations, use it at open houses, email it to prospects? Agents are the best vehicle to get this message out to the public.

  2. Valerie Fortier Says:

    Well stated. With the internet and the ‘hands on” buyer, there are many situations that can arise that only a well-trained agent with company resources can address. Buying or selling requires attention to many details!

  3. Pete Canavan Says:

    Good article.

    Also I think it is important for a realtor to be familiar with the area that they service. Realtors can be a valuable source of information in the local market. With our many offices located all around the Atlanta area, you can be sure to find a local agent who knows your market area.

    Metro Brokers is on the leading edge in technology, which is a critical feature when looking for an agent. As an additional benifit we offer “Primier Service” to insure our clients are satisfied and have a positive experience.

    • Brenda Waters Says:

      Indeed, the agent that is engaged to represent you should be an expert in the area of the purchase or sale. Under the volatile market conditions, real estate agents cannot possibly keep up with foreclosures, sales, appraisals and the other factors that affect property values unless they specialize in an area. And I do not have confidence that an agent can go it alone as we did in days past. Without an awareness of their brokerage support and utilizing their resources, risk of failure on the agent’s part and that of the consumer is increased.

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