Metro Mike – Mascot or Marketing Genius?


Metro MikeHow many companies do you know that have a mascot? Pillsbury has the Doughboy, Aflac has the Duck, Geico has the Lizard and Michelin has the Tire Man. How many of you remember Speedy Alka Seltzer? I can’t think of any real estate firms that have a mascot, except Metro Brokers.

We have Metro Mike and he really sets us apart from the rest. When he was first created, I had people ask, “Is he a marshmallow, a tablet or what?” If you’re not familiar with Metro Mike, here’s a little history on how he was developed and how he works for Metro Brokers…

Well, he was born 8 years ago and his design is based on our yard sign. He started out as a link on our website where the public could chat live with us. And now, he’s one of the most recognized yard signs in Atlanta.

As mascots go, I think Metro Mike is the hardest working mascot out there. He promotes our company on our billboards and in our Hot Properties magazine. He attends parades and events where he hands out balloons and everybody wants to have their picture taken with him. He launched his own series of merchandise with stickers, Habitat for Humanity t-shirts, coloring books, signs and more. His singing doll even went to London last year with me.

Metro Mike has a major presence on our website. Oh, and yes, he’s very social. He’s a prominent figure on this very blog and he has his own Facebook Fan Page (fans, agents and clients share their real estate stories, testimonials, photos, links, etc.) and is even on Twitter (@metrobrokers).

In addition, Metro Mike has his own e-mail address and many people call in to ask for him by name. He helps customers with their home buying and selling needs. He also works hard building customer relations for many agents who know the value of Metro Mike as a marketing and branding tool.

In my book, a mascot that works this hard is the coolest dude in the industry. How has Metro Mike helped you? Do you have any photos of you with Metro Mike that you wish to share?

Join Metro Mike’s Facebook Fan Page today and see photos of his different activities through the years.

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6 Responses to “Metro Mike – Mascot or Marketing Genius?”

  1. Kat Arrendale Says:

    This was such a cool entry! Very fun and I did not know that much about our own Metro Mike.

  2. Sandra Rodrick Says:

    For the past 10 years or so, Conyers, GA has held a HomeTown Holiday Parade the first Saturday in December. 8-9 of those years the Rockdale-Newton [Conyers] Metro Brokers office has participated. The first year agents were gung-ho on the idea and wanted a float, something that reminded them of home – a living room after Santa had been there. Sounded easy enough so I made arrangements but when it came to the night before the parade and setting everythng up, I was a committee of one and that’s no fun! Still, those agents that participated liked and wanted to do it again the next year. The second year I was smarter and just put a Santa look-alike in the bed of a truck. That was a success also. The third year Metro Mike was born so I asked him the to join us to ride in the pick up truck. He did and the rest is City and office history. Metro Mike is a HomeTown Holiday Parade fixture. If I don’t have our application in place by a certain date, the City calls me. We have families standing in the same place every year justing waiting on Metro Mike and his “agent elves” to finally get to them. The shouts are deafening! Of course, the candy and goodies Mike and his “friends” toss are an added incentive. Though I know I shouldn’t be, each year I’m amazed that more and more people are excited to see him. His popularity has reached such heights that the City of Conyers lists Metro Mike and Metro Brokers GMAC R E as a parade sponsor when they speak of him (and they do frequently) on their yearly parade videos shown on the local cable channel for 2 mos. While everyone wants any kind of marketing or advertising to yield immediate results, the truth is it only yields results when the buyer is ready to purchase the advertised product and our parade influence is no different. We don’t notice a major rush the week of people clamoring to buy homes the week after a parade but there are a few times during the year people come in to the office (when they’re ready to buy) because they saw Metro Mike in the parade and received a card (saved weeks or months at a time) from a parade agent. We’ve even had one client not only use a Metro parade agent for a purchase but enjoyed their experience so much they enrolled in Metro’s Academy! Metro Mike is a mascot and a marketing tool but he’s also our friend. Don’t hestiate to invite him to your hometown or special office function but don’t even think about asking him for the first Saturday in December – HE’S ALREADY BOOKED IN CONYERS; has been for years and will be for years to come! We love you, Metro Mike!

  3. tylerbrenner Says:

    Definitely a marketing genius, since I taught him everything he knows 😉

  4. Glen Curry Says:

    Don’t forget Mike had his very own Metro Mike Open Golf Tournament at Bear’s Best! Fun was had by all!

  5. John Baker Says:

    Take it from me, the value of a mascot cannot be underrated. I was a costume character at Six Flags Over Georgia for 3 years and it is a win win for everyone! Kids love the characters and just as Metro Mike does, the costume characters love the kids – even on 95 degree days when it can reach 120 degrees inside the Metro Mike’s little head. The good will, the animation and a personalilty attached to a corporate logo is a fantastic thing. GO Metro Mike!

  6. Simah Benyamin Says:

    I never thought about the fact that, Yes Metro Mike is OUR Mascot. How kool is that! Having a Mascot does set us apart from others. Metro Mike is just another marketing tool that makes me proud to be here at Metrobrokers.

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