Bad MLS Photos – Why can’t this listing sell?


bad mls photo - ElvisA few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about Bad MLS Photos and had several requests to continue featuring them on the blog. Well, that won’t be a problem. There seems to be plenty available that may give you a laugh and make you wonder how someone could possibly think the photo represents the house in the best possible light.

Several readers submitted photos they found and I’ve given them proper credit submissions. Remember, if you find a bad MLS photo, let me know and it may be featured on this blog in the future. Email your name and a link to If you know the city where the listing is located and/or the MLS number, please include it.

And don’t forget to leave your comments. Enjoy!

dirty kitchenIt’s hard to believe someone would take a photo of this at anytime, but especially to use it to help sell the home. I heard the home is owned by a real estate agent. This tells a buyer, “stay away”. (Photo submitted by Dan Parker)

empty toilet paper holderWhy even bother taking the photo? Plus, the toilet paper is not even included.  The rest of the house must really be in the toilet.

bad lensNo, there’s not something wrong with the computer and I didn’t stretch the photo. The wrong lens was used to take the photo. Don’t stare at this one too long. They’re trying to hypnotize you into buying it.

cluttered countersMaid not included. I feel like I need to bring Lysol just to look at the house. And to think, this is a $749,000 listing. Would you pay that much for this house? (Photo submitted by Dan Parker)

blue night photoNo point in wasting another trip during the day. Maybe buyers won’t notice the flaws in a night photo. Besides, everyone loves the color blue. Right? (Photo submitted by Capri Wilbanks)

lifetime wood supplyThere may not be any yard space, but one lucky buyer is in store for a lifetime supply of wood.

multiple use roomDon’t you just love multi-use rooms. You can get a tan, lift weights and sleep, all in the same space. Plus, you have two fans (ceiling and floor) to cool you off if the house is too hot.

dungeon of deathThe dungeon is one of my all time favorites. The last buyers that looked at this home, didn’t make it out alive. Check out the skeleton chained to the (fake stone) wall or the one laying on the staircase. What about the mummy next to the staircase. And I bet there’s another one in the coffin. The decor is to die for…don’t you think?

More bad mls photos – 1st entry

Source for some photos: Orlando Real Estate Photography, Capri Wilbanks

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6 Responses to “Bad MLS Photos – Why can’t this listing sell?”

  1. Sandra Rodrick Says:

    Somebody call the Style channel’s Clean House producers- we have a couple of show stoppers here! When most see a home with this much clutter, you wonder how people live around it. But, even more I wonder with all the training out there on listing presentations and the system follow-ups from NAR to GAR to their own broker training to staging pros to just reality TV shows, what makes a “professional” real estate agent take and post such a photo?! Oh, wait, I just answered my own question. Somebody get those agents into MBA training!

  2. Tesfa Zere Says:

    Watching these pictures I couldn’t stop myself laughing. My favorites are the house with the pile of wood in the back-yard and the dungeon with the skeleton and mummies in it. How can anyone in their right mind take pictures of this kind? This is hilarious!

  3. Dennis Doll Says:

    Some listings just don’t fail to amuse! I sent one I found today. $3,000,000 home. Pictures are dated 1/1/2006, Best shot of the house is from about 1/2 mile away, no interior pictures….and the best picture in the group is of the mobile home on the back of the property!

  4. Anne Langley Says:

    I think a call to Sell My House is in order for these agents and sellers. What were they thinking when they took these pictures.

  5. Randy Ballard Says:

    Sorry I didn’t save the picture. But some agent scribbled on a paper “photo coming soon” next to a drawing of a stick figure house, like a child drawing. This photo coming soon was on the MLS for months and they never updated with a photo and the listing expired. Not sure why they took the time to scan and upload this, since it was no better that the default of photo coming soon. I wonder why this house never sold?

  6. Randy Ballard Says:

    Take a good look at the grass. Painted on using a picture editor I think.

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