The New Look of Corporate Moves


corporate relocationRelocation has seen a dip in the number of corporate transferees coming into the Atlanta area. And for the first time in a couple of years, there has also been a drop in the number of moves out of Atlanta. What does this mean to Atlanta and for you, the agent, who works with relocating families? 

Okay. It’s true that corporate America is not moving as many employees as it has over the past 25 years. That doesn’t mean that employees are not being asked to take a job in another city; it’s just that companies are not offering the deluxe packages they once did. 

Consider this: the average transferee costs an employer $75K to move. So naturally many companies are scaling back and one way is to cut down on the number of moves, or reduce some or all of the benefits they offer a transferee.

If you’re working with a corporate transferee talk with them about their benefits packages. It still might be considered a corporate transfer even if they are only having their household goods moved by the employer. You can always call me if you have any questions about the possibility of a move running through a relocation program.

Americans are still on the move and many corporate transferees are moving to keep their jobs, without a relocation package being offered. Why is this important for you to know? 

The reason is that they are still in need of expert advice moving into and out of Atlanta. There are a couple of things you should be doing to capture some of this business. 

1. Market yourself to agents across the country. As you attend Realtor events, introduce yourself to as many other brokers as you can. That includes Metro Brokers’ functions. You might meet agents who work service areas you don’t cover.
Do any of you remember the old meetings Metro Brokers used to have in the Perimeter Theater where the first thing you were required to do was to exchange cards with the agents around you? That always helps create great relationships with agents throughout the company.

2. When working with the transferring public, provide lots of information. If they are leaving Atlanta, help them learn about their new city. Be honest with them about what it will take to sell their home here. And send them to a good broker in their destination city…your relocation department can help you with this. Let us do our job and make you look like a superstar with your client! Remember, our job is to find a great broker for the transferee.

I think there are more opportunities for agents to work with corporate transferees. Americans are still on the move, so take advantage of every opportunity.

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5 Responses to “The New Look of Corporate Moves”

  1. Sandra Rodrick Says:

    Good article, Dana. My grandmother used to say, “A 100 years from now, it’ll all be the same.” Growing up I never understood that. Being a kid, everything was changing all the time or so I thought but as an adult I finally “get it”. The foundations, the fundamentals rarely change though they may package themselves differently. The unemplyment rate at this point in time has everyone frightened whether they have a job or not. People used to living in a place for generations are now discovering and making the life-changing decision that they need to look for work in other states just to have employment. It’s true corporations may not be paying to place their employees as frequently or as generously or at all but people are still moving from all over to get those positions and when they get there, they need an agent who knows the area. In the Atlanta & surrounding area, they need a Metro Brokers professional agent! In Atlanta, Metro Brokers GMAC R E has it covered!

  2. Dennis Doll Says:

    Good Article Dana. Metro Brokers is so blessed to have someone of such caliber on the team to lead us along the way.
    During my corporate days of moving from coast to coast, not once did my company give me a package of more than just the moving van in the yard. In those 20 years we moved many times, finding a home was always my responsibility, and who I used as an agent was always up to me.
    At that time it was uncommon to have such a meager package, today it is the norm. With all the downsizing and job changes going on more people are looking for help from someone. That someone is ME!

  3. Valerie McDonald Says:

    Dana, as you know I know about Corporate Relocation from several sides. I have been the trailing spouse left behind to deal with selling the house on several moves. & we bought several houses with a decent benefit package. Never did things work quite the same. Each situation was a learning experience.
    The most frustrating thing on the buying side was the agent who did not listen to what we were needing, wanting & could afford. That was here in Georgia, the first time we moved here. We changed agents.

  4. Scott Cosby Says:

    Great job brining up the out of state referral opportunities. When I find out where a client is moving to, I like to research that town and one link that has helped me a great bit is You can learn a tremendous amount of information on a city in a very short period of time and it includes links to so many other useful areas in a very abridged, easy to follow format. Of course looking up the local chamber of commerce is a good ways as well. Then make it really easy and have the Relocation department take over. So check out I think you will find it helpful. Good luck!

  5. Arthur Harris Says:

    Great article Dana, despite the unstable market people are still moving to job opportunities all over the country. When they do they need a local agent who understands the local market condition and trends and can guide them accordingly. View my new website:

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