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bill-gates-microsoft-future-homeAs a big advocator of new homes, I always like to think about what’s coming in the future. Builders generally rely on new building methods and innovative design to entice buyers to purchase a new home.

Although I’m really waiting for a jetpack, so that I can take a quick flight around the neighborhood, the innovations below are still very cool. Some of them are already in use today, or are coming in the near future.

dome homeAs weather becomes less predictable and more of an issue, home builders are using design techniques to combat it. The coast of the future might be dotted with dome-like structures, since they are much more impervious to tropical storms than conventionally-shaped homes. The eight large openings on the ground level of the Eye of the Storm in Sullivans Island, South Carolina, allow floods driven by a hurricane to rush through the building without affecting the upper two floors. [Source: newscientist.com]

floating homeAs real estate and land become more scarce, it will be up to home builders to begin creating lot spaces, even where no land exists. Koen Olthuis founded Waterstudio, a Dutch architecture firm that specialises in structures adapted to fluctuating water levels. Waterstudio has built a number of functional floating homes in the Netherlands. [Source: newscientist.com]

container houseAs homes become more “green”, people aren’t just thinking about less energy use. Some companies are focusing on using recycled products to build the home itself. Sustainable design is nothing new, but the use of actual shipping containers is new. At any time, there are 17 million of these containers in active use, and old ones are being broken down all the time. Wouldn’t it be better to reuse these in a home? [Source: designcrave.com]

concept z islandCorian may be coming back into style again if designers have anything to do with it. Unlike marble, it isn’t hard to shape Corian into interesting forms that could create an art piece in your kitchen. The concept Z Island pictured here was created by Dupont Corian and artist Zaha Hadid. [Source: cnet.com and designws.com]

future_home_projectOf course, technology will play a big part in the future, and the home is not exempt from the tech treatment. Recently, Microsoft showed off several new innovations in their recent “Future Home” project. They included small form factor kitchen computers that are voice activated and can recognize the food you pull out onto the kitchen counter. They also highlighted computers that appear on your dining table that interact with your phone. My favorite was the teenagers bedroom, which contained interactive wallpaper that can be changed on the fly. [Source: microsoft.com and news.bbc.co.uk]

These are only a small portion of the innovations that are in store for new homes. What new features are you looking for?

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5 Responses to “Welcome To the Home of the Future”

  1. Sharon Cunningham Says:

    Please sign me up for a Waterstudio Floating Home! Must be impervious to tropical storms with interior designs by Z Islands (created by Dupont Corian) and artist Zaha Hadid with wallpaper that can change on the fly!
    New Home, new generation…!
    Sharon Cunningham

  2. Kat Arrendale Says:

    Simply fascinating.

  3. Kari White Says:

    When those trends hit Atlanta, Connie and I are available to sit on-site! I think the corian and the “recycled” home would sell in Atlanta! Find me a builder! I’ll sell it!

  4. Ramona Carter Says:

    Some of these innovations are so amazing! I never could’ve imagined …

  5. Connie Koldenhoven Says:

    I agree with Kari….ready for another on site community and an innovative builder.

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