Metro Brokers Runs Dual Brands…………………… Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Coldwell Banker Commercial


A new chapter has begun for Metro Brokers and it’s turned the Atlanta real estate market on it’s heels. We are the first real estate broker to run dual brands. As of this week, our brand name has changed. For the residential brand, we are now Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers. For our commercial brand, we are now Coldwell Banker Commercial Metro Brokers.

I weighed many options and this was the best decision for the company, our agents and our customers.

It’s been an exciting week for Metro Brokers. We made the announcement on Monday and acquired approximately 150 agents immediately. We launched a new, faster, easier to use website that the agents love. And now, we’re working through the process of swapping out all of our yard signs, business cards, name tags, brochures, flyers, and hundreds of other marketing items with newly branded items.

My staff and I have been working constantly for months on creating this opportunity to re-invent, re-establish, leverage our strengths and re-launch when others are attempting to rely foolishly on past success and outdated methods.
Metro Brokers is the largest real estate company in Georgia, and it didn’t happen by luck. Our company boasts many of the finest sales associates in the business, and we support them with a dedicated staff unlike any other independently owned and operated real estate firm. Through our mutual pursuit of excellence, Metro Brokers is able to make that claim.

Coming To A Decision
The past decade has brought many changes to our industry, and more changes are on the way. But unlike other companies, we do not follow change – we are in front of it. We have continued to innovate in the face of these changes, always staying ahead of the curve, and you can expect more of it.
To continue our tremendous growth, I chose to partner with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Coldwell Banker Commercial for our residential and commercial brokerages respectively. We are still independently owned and operated and I will still run the company, but our name and logo has changed.

Changes For the Better
Our combined strengths are what this partnership is about. Our programs will remain: Our training, technology, systems, websites and marketing to name a few. However, our new franchisors will provide our sales associates and customers with more information and new programs.
For instance, if you travel to our new residential homepage on, you will find a brand new section – Real Estate Tips – that contains new information regarding housing trends, home makeovers and the buying and selling process. There is even a great video section with tons of details for new homeowners and those looking to sell.

Don’t forget to check out our new commercial homepage too at

I’m proud of everyone that made this conversion possible, and looking forward to all of the new signs that will be erected all over metro Atlanta as we finish up our sign exchanges. We are blazing a path for the future at BHGRE Metro Brokers and CBC Metro Brokers, and we want you to be with us!

It’s been fun hearing what everyone in the Atlanta real estate market has to say about our decision. Many people still wonder how I made it happen. Let me know what you’re thoughts are on our big announcement.

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9 Responses to “Metro Brokers Runs Dual Brands…………………… Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Coldwell Banker Commercial”

  1. ann bone Says:

    I am extremely proud to be associated with such an innovative and pro-active solution for today’s real estate needs. The dual-branding is a superlative arrangement.

  2. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    Every step we take forward is always a move toward the future making those steps behind it our past. An exciting future usually has a strong past foundation from which to build. That foundation accounts in part for the successes to come. We are the NEW Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers and that makes for an exciting future but part of that excitement draws its energy from the past and present. When a person hears Metro Brokers,thoughts are drawn to Metro Mike and Atlanta’s leading real estate company. When a person hears Better Homes and Gardens, their heart strings are touched. Generation after generation has had the B H & G magazine as a staple in their home. The warmth and comfort and the feeling of home that magazine brings still shows on the faces of readers checking it out on grocery store shelves. It is the definition of home to many. As those faithful generations have progressed and changed so has the B H & G magazine brand. It’s a natural progession of success for them to bring their high standards of excellence and professionalism and expand into the real estate field. Who knows more about the heart of the home? It’s also natural that Metro Brokers and Kevin Levent would be the visionary to make it happen in Atlanta. Proof of the future is going up all over the city and the bright green of the signs will be catching eyes and touching emotions everywhere. Those who’ve been with Metro Brokers have already made a commitment to their city and state’s real estate field. They know the dedication and hard work it takes to make that commitment successful. They’ve already known that being at Metro Brokers they were better positioned for the growth of that commitment’s success and now they are reminded of that promise every time the compnay name is spoken! We are better, we are Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers!

  3. Arthur Harris Says:

    I can only say that I am proud to be associated with such an organization that has leadership that is light years ahead of our competitors. The new opportunities that will unfold in due process can only help one grow their business more positively in the years ahead. Once, again I look forward to the new year energized with the support and teamwork of one of the best brokers in Georgia. Thanks, Kevin.

  4. sherri schaefer Says:

    I’m very proud to have a company that leads the way. I am looking forward to replacing my old signs with new ones! Green means go, let’s go all the way together! Way to make things happen, Kevin.

  5. Steve Adkins Says:

    I’m still in a state of shock and just overwhelmed with all the resources we have available to our agents. Only a few of us had the chance to attend the commercial training and I can say CBC Metro Brokers now has the ability to play with the big boys in commercial real estate!

    BHGRE Metro Brokers also brings a whole new level of recognition that we have never seen until now! Everybody knows Better Homes and Gardens! Now maybe people will stop coming into our office wanting to make their car or house payment! lol But I have to use an old saying:

    “The future is soooo bright, we are ALL going to have to wear sunglasses!”

    We just ended this decade with not just a bang, but an explosion! I cannot wait to see the next decade!!!!

  6. kathy shell Says:

    The grass is “greener on this side!” After a few months away from MetroBrokers, I discovered there is no place that stands for integrity and success as this company.

    Innovation is at the forefront during the changes in the business industry.
    The company headed by Kevin Levent has far exceeded innovation by establishing partership with the largest real estate company worldwide , called Realogy. Under the umbrella of Realogy host our two Brands: CBC MetroBrokers and BHGRE.

  7. Lloyd Carver, Loan Officer Says:

    I just saw on the news this morning how GMAC got another 3.5B in bailout money (they even showed GMAC Real Estate signs in the report!). I am one who is very pleased that Metro Brokers made the move to partner with such a well-liked brand in Better Homes & Gardens and terminate one that taxpayers now have such disdain for. Also, I was with Metro Brokers during the first go-around with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and I was particularly impressed with the marketing that Meredith Corporation provided and I look forward to the webinar on January 7th regarding this relationship.

  8. Rockon Says:

    I am looking forward to replacing my old signs with new ones! Green means go, let’s go all the way together! Way to make things happen.

  9. Jefferson Davis Says:

    How exciting to be a part of such a forward thinking company. From the top down I have never seen such excitement and genuine care in what we do! The brokers, agents, owner and staff make Metro Brokers The Place to be! With the challenging real estate market of the recent past this company has continued to grow. Training new and existing agents for the flood of real estate transactions on the horizon! Now is the time, Metro Brokers is the place!

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