First Aid for Transferring Buyers


After working in corporate relocation for more than 20 years, I’ve seen thousands of home purchases with perfectly content buyers. One of the keys to success in the relocation industry is preparation.

My advice for budding relocation agents is to be like boy or girl scouts. You MUST be prepared for contingencies when you are working with buyers from outside your service area. By taking just a few steps, you can ensure that transferees make a smooth transition from their old hometown to our area and they will be eternally grateful.

Here are some examples of things agents can have or keep on hand to save the life of a move.

1. Provide a personal “Relocation Package”, even if your company’s Relocation Department provides one. It should include information about you such as your website and qualifications. Also, include information that is very specific to the area that a buyer is interested in, such as the local newspaper’s website, school information and more.  Also, include a moving checklist and timeline that sets reasonable expectations.
2. Keep a list of hotels and suites motels with phone numbers handy in case your buyer has not been offered that service from their employer.
3. Plan an area tour so the transferees get a feel for the community. Include local schools, churches, grocery stores, malls and parks on your tour. Don’t forget to show them the “charm” of the area on that first trip to their new city.
4. Keep a utilities hook-up list to share with them.
5. It may only be needed rarely, but have a list of pet boarding facilities available too.
6. Transferees always want to know about the statistics of their new community, so be proactive and send those as soon as they express interest in a particular home or area.
7. Give the transferee a list of emergency numbers while they are house hunting such as police and hospital numbers. Mishaps and illness do happen even on short visits.
8. Finally, give them a map that shows them several driving routes from their place of work to the home they decide on.
9. Hopefully, the last thing you’ll give them is a key to their new house! Don’t forget to keep up with your client and ask for referrals.

Anything else you’d recommend that might help transferees?

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5 Responses to “First Aid for Transferring Buyers”

  1. Ron May Says:

    Some additional things I have done to enhance the relocation experience are:
    1.) Offer to pick-up re-lo clients at the airport or hotel.
    2.) Before they get into town and after e-mailing potential homes, have them select their favorites, then tell them you will personally preview their favorites. Take digital photos of areas that are not shown in the MLS pix and e-mail them to help narrow their search. This is a great tool that they really appreciate.
    3.) Google their company so you can relate better to them when you meet for the first time. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.
    4.) Have a cooler with bottled water in your car, especially on hot days and especially if you have vacant homes to show that have no electricity for A/C.
    5.) If they have their own car, I offer to lend them a GPS for easy local navigation when I’m not with them. Don’t forget to get it back before they leave.
    6.) If they will be following me, I provide a 2-way radio (walkie-talkie) that has a 2 mile range so we can be constantly in-touch for any Q&A on the road.
    7.) At least the first day, stop for a lunch break and always pickup the tab.
    8.) When they’ve narrowed it down to making an offer, before actually making it, arrange a personal meeting with the school principal if they have kids going to that school.
    9.) Give them a pair of tickets to the movies or something similar at the end of your first day.

  2. sherri schaefer Says:

    great advise. I try to provide all my buyers this information. I find even though they know the area giving them that personal package goes above what they expect and they enjoy the extra service.

  3. Ron May Says:

    It’s very important to stay in contact with the family that is relocating to assure them that you are “on the case” working to make their move as smooth and stress-free as possible. They are the Donner Party about to go through Donner Pass in the middle of a snow storm with a whole lot of uncertainty. They’re counting on you to guide them through to a successful outcome.

  4. Danthika Says:

    Ron that was great advise and very timely for me. I am taking out buyers from out of town tomorrow and I will definitely use it.

  5. Harvinder Makkar Says:

    Very good and useful advise. I also follow these tips. Thanks to my MBA and Ph.D training with Metrobrokers. I have some happy clients.

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