What Can “Survivor” teach Realtors?


Last night I watched the season finale of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. It’s always interesting to see the dynamics and strategies of all the players. In case you missed it, Sandra won and the under-handed Russell lost.

It got me to thinking about how agents survive in a challenging market. Agents are always looking for ideas to increase their business, to market themselves, and to market their listings.

So what can you do to survive a challenging real estate market? Agents can learn a thing or two from the TV show Survivor…

1.  Stay busy – Just like on the show, players would stay busy around camp. Nowadays, you have to stay busy in real estate. You may not want to do open houses, but do them anyways. You may not want to have your email on your smartphone, but do it so customers can always stay in touch with you.
2.  Get strategic – Strategy is a huge part of the game on Survivor and in the real estate industry. Each player has a strategy for how they plan to play the game as do Realtors. However, you may need to adjust your strategy over time. For example, short sales and foreclosures are what are selling right now so you should look to target this business.
3.  Make alliances – Players realize quickly that they need a strong alliance on Survivor to be successful. Well, so do you. Create alliances with other business professionals such as painters, landscapers, or even your hair stylist.
4.  Learn to cooperate – Getting further in the game of Survivor depends on how players can sometimes cooperate with other players…even if they’re the competition. Realtors must learn to cooperate and network with other real estate agents, even if they are with a competing broker. Who knows, you may even get them to change tribes (i.e. join BHGRE Metro Brokers).
5.  Reconnect – Once the players merge with the other tribe, Survivor’s Heroes and Villains would try to connect with other members to go further in the game. Real estate agents should always stay connected with their past clients and sphere of influence. Facebook makes it really easy to reconnect and to stay connected permanently.
6.  Be creative – People on Survivor (at least the ones who last longer on the show) often have to think outside the box during challenges to finish quickly and move ahead. The same applies to Realtors. You have to be creative in your marketing and find new ways to get your name out there and more ways to market your listings to get ahead.
7.  Learn your market – Players are always sizing up their competition to get a feel for how the votes may be changing from one tribal council to the next. Agents need to constantly re-evaluate the market and be prepared to adjust their business as the market changes too.

To be the best on Survivor, you have to Outwit, Outlast and Outplay the competition.

In the world of real estate, you have to Outlist, Outsell, and Outclose.

Give Us Your Thoughts

If you watch Survivor, who was your favorite player and who are you most like?

What are your tips for agents in a challenging market?

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3 Responses to “What Can “Survivor” teach Realtors?”

  1. Michael A. McFadden Says:

    Great Blog!!!!

  2. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    Excellent analogy and isn’t anyone in today’s real estate profession a survivor?! Looking at agents I work with daily and even covertly noticing the competition, the “survivors” I see are those agents that keep on “keeping on”- those who have taken advantage of their training, keep training and understand what customer service is all about. Are all the different Metro Brokers offices like different tribes? I can’t say but I am certain there are great alliances in offices, between offices and across the state! When it comes down to selling real estate, the winners- the survivors- are at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers.

  3. Arthur Harris Says:

    Great article , if I may add treating your prospects/suspects is one of the most important ingredients in surviving the real estate market today because this is where the potential sale begins. Follow-up and going the extra mile also helps to build strong relationships with prospective clients. Always put yourself in their shoes and treat them as if they were the only ones that mattered in your life, be honest.

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