Five Steps to Self Motivation


If you listened to the last broadcast of The Real Estate Insider on BlogTalkRadio, we began a discussion on “self motivation”.

How do you push your own buttons? What do you do to motivate yourself?

So in the fashion of David Letterman’s Top 10… we’ll start with number #5 first.

5. “Change who you are first”. Have you ever caught yourself looking to change those around you… it never works (I thought I was going to change the world – not going to work).

4. “Crisis inspires our best efforts”. I’m sure you’ve watched 24 (starring Jack Bauer). I was watching an episode and heard a line in the show that summarizes this point… “Stress is the fertilizer for creativity”.

We tend to brainlessly create a life based on what’s comfortable. We don’t have to wait for something tragic or dangerous to attack from the outside, we can get that same vitality going by simply challenging ourselves.

3. “Great things are often created slowly through small changes”. Remember, greatness is not achieved overnight… you have to put in the work.

How about changing just 5% at a time?

If you added just 5% more of purpose to your life each day, it would only be 20 days before you had doubled your sense of purpose.

Small changes… trust me on this one!!!

2. “Don’t just do something… sit there”. For a long time, all by yourself, sit quietly, absolutely alone. Completely relax. Don’t allow the television or music to be on. Just be with yourself. Watch for what happens. Feel your sense of belonging to the silence. Observe insights starting to appear. Observe your relationship with yourself starting to get better and softer and more comfortable.

1. “Whatever we learn to do, we learn by actually doing it” – Aristotle. Do I need to say anymore? That’s Aristotle!!!

Tune in to the next episode of The Real Estate Insider on BlogTalkRadio at 9:30 am on Tuesday, Aug. 24 to learn even more steps to self motivation. In addition, our guest will be Mark Broyles and we’ll be discussing the most important part of the real estate business: “PROSPECTING”.

Leave a comment with your ideas on how to get motivated. I might mention it on the show!

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6 Responses to “Five Steps to Self Motivation”

  1. Yvonne Thomas-Brooks Says:

    So true! I would add that it’s also very important to teach your mind new tricks. Take classes, expose yourself to different viewpoints to provoke “out of the box” thinking. Subscribe to a daily motivational quote or start reading inspiring books and watch motivational videos on YouTube. I follow several inspiring people on Twitter and throughout the course of the day I receive several inspiring & motivating tweets. It definitely makes a difference!

  2. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    A little harmless envy motivates some via a successful competition. Gershwin gave us the lyrics to describe the actions that push some of us – “Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better”! We may not always be better than our competition, but tyring to be moves us in the right direction to better ourselves and in the end being the best we can be is all we can ask for. Accomplish that and success is bound to be hanging nearby! Michael McFadden and Aristotle- just couldn’t be in better company!

  3. Arthur Harris Says:

    Great blog Michael. I really believe that for things to change we have to change. Every once in a while we need a kick in the rear to give us a jump start. Thanks as usual for your positive thoughts.

  4. Sonya Rosser Says:

    Thank you very much Michael. I was sitting here thinking to myself that I needed some motivation for myself. My posse; me, myself, and I had to do a self inventory check today. I had to take the time to sit down and be still with no distractions to allow myself to hear what I needed to hear. As always your positive words are always uplifting and encouraging. Keep up the good work.

  5. Lorelei Says:

    Cool post. Not rocket science–I like that.

  6. Anne Langley Says:

    Great advice Michael. I think often times we get so fired up about changing we try to do too much at one time. Small steps works wonders.
    So many times we let fear control our lives; we cannot step outside our safety zone so we continue to do the same thing over and over and pray for different results–thus the definition of insanity. Surrounding yourself with successful people will help motivate you. Stay away from the “Negative Nellies”

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