Reading Into Sign Riders


Have you ever driven by a property for sale and seen multiple “rider” attachments to the FOR SALE sign? Sometimes there are so many, they drag on the ground.

There may be a rider for the agent’s OTHER phone number, a rider for a special web site set up for the property, a rider that says, “Reduced”, one that says, “Must See Inside” and any number of other quick little messages to tempt potential buyers inside.

Over the years, I’ve compiled my own interpretations of what these various sign riders really mean when you decode the “agent-ese”. Here are some of mine, and feel free to add yours to the list:

  • “REDUCED“ – The seller wasn’t realistic about pricing for today’s market and is now chasing the market. Since 80% of all lookers come by during the first 30 days on the market, this seller has helped sell the competition and most buyers have “been there, seen that”. 
  • “MUST SEE INSIDE” – Agent’s promise that the property looks better inside than it does outside. This is hard for experienced agents to accept since experience shows us that 95% of all homes look better on the outside than on the inside. Thank goodness our architectural styles tend to age gracefully, because most are either vacant and beat up on the inside or not vacant and decorated non-professionally on the inside.
  • “FANTASTIC VIEWS” – The house has windows.
  • “DREAM KITCHEN” – The house has a kitchen (Shouldn’t “Dream Kitchen” really mean that there is no kitchen to toil and clean in?)
  • “GREAT BACK YARD” – I must confess that I have used this one often. It’s to distract from the fact that the FRONT yard is on a busy road, extremely steep, ugly or otherwise unusable. 
  • “ORIGINAL OWNER” – Nothing has been updated since the day it was built.

Now for my favorite sign rider. This one is currently posted on a home in Dunwoody and I grin every time I pass it. “HONEY, STOP THE CAR!”

Tell me your favorite and what you think it means when you see it.

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7 Responses to “Reading Into Sign Riders”

  1. Mark Broyles Says:

    I love the one that says “Hurry! Won’t last!” and the sign is old and falling over.

  2. Allyce K. Arnold Says:

    I like “Golf View” and if you stand in just the right place you can see it.

  3. deborah.taylor Says:

    I like “Potential Commercial” either it’s zoned commercial or it’s not!

  4. Joyce Hay Says:

    I laugh at the one that states….lake view….then it tells me at certain times of the year when all the leaves are off….from this one corner of the lot…..if you crook you head just right….get the picture?!

  5. Joene DePlancke Says:

    I like the ones that say “Potential Short Sale.” I guess that means if your offer is low enough it will become a short sale???

  6. Martha Edwards Says:

    I like, “Full Basement” The house looks very small, but at least has a basement…

  7. Reed Williams Says:

    I’ve viewed condos in Florida bragging on their ocean views….yeah, if you go out onto the balcony, lean way around the corner of your building between the two buildings that actually do front on the ocean, then you might catch a glimpse of some sand!

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