10 More Strangest Homes in the World


It’s been a while since I’ve written anything about strange homes, but when I came across this article on the Popular Mechanics website, I couldn’t resist! As a marketing professional, my first thought is how would you go about marketing these homes? I’m sure it would be a blast to list a home like one of these, but would you live in them?

1. The Leaf House in Angra dos Reis, Brazil. The roof looks like a giant flower with six petals, each of which covers a different section of this open air abode. The design encourages interaction, and there are no halls within the home. A curved, indoor swimming pool works its way through the house before culminating as a small pond stocked with fish and vegetation in the backyard.

2. The Everingham Rotating House located in Taree, Australia. Built largely of glass and steel, this octagonal house can rotate a full 360 degrees, which takes 30 minutes to 2 hours. The rotation allows it to take advantage of sunshine and shade at different times of the day and year.

3. The Montesilo House in Woodland, Utah. Created by joining together two corrugated grain silos, the largest of which has a diameter of 27 feet, it’s still equipped with a kitchen and beds in cubbyholes that are cut into the walls. Each cubbyhole has its own mini entertainment center complete with flat screen and sound system.

4. The Steel House in Lubbock, Texas. Designed by artist and architect Robert Bruno, construction of this steel home first began in 1974. Bruno has said that he wants the shape of the structure to be somewhere between animal and machine. It’s perched on the edge of a cliff and it’s estimated weight is 110 tons.

5. The Subterra Castle in Central Kansas. After purchasing a defunct missile silo in 1983, it took Ed Peden about a decade of renovations to make it a livable home. Pumping out more than 8 feet of rainwater that accumulated while the site was inactive was one of many makeover challenges. He now runs a business turning missile silos into homes.

6. The Sliding House of Suffolk, England. While it may mimic a traditional farmhouse, this home hides a major mechanical surprise. The 20-ton outer shell of this home can be retracted in six minutes, revealing a second, mostly glass, inner shell. This gives the owners control over how the house interacts with the surrounding environment, allowing them to make adjustments as seasonal temperatures and light cycles change.

7. The Klein Bottle House located in Mornington Peninsula, Australia. Designed by the firm McBride Charles Ryan, this beach house was named the world’s best home at the 2009 World Architecture Festival awards. Named after a Klein Bottle – a  complex mathematical concept that involves folding a cylinder into itself in order to create an unusual, spiraling form – the home appears to bring the interior out to the exterior and vice versa.

8. The Crooked House of Windsor, England. An English tea room that dates back to 1592, the house didn’t acquire its slant until 1718, when the structure was rebuilt using unseasoned green oak. What really makes the house stand out is that its basement had a secret passage to Windsor Castle, a residence of England’s royal family.

9. The Lake Palace in Udaipur, India. Now a high-end hotel, this relic of architectural days past dates back to 1746 when Maharana Jagat Singh II commissioned it. It sits on a 4-acre slab of land in the middle of Lake Pichola and is a very surreal sight.

10. The Chameleon House of Northport, Michigan. Completed in 2006, this home is perched atop a hill overlooking a cherry orchard and Lake Michigan. It’s called the Chameleon House because its steel frame is wrapped in corrugated, translucent acrylic slats, allowing it to take on and reflect the changing colors of the landscape, like a chameleon blending into its habitat.

Do you know of more odd homes? Comment on them below.

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    What fun! Thanks for sharing! Some folks just can’t rest at “ordinary” can they?

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    I want to win a ticket just like Sam!!!!!!!!!!
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