What Does “Home” Mean to You?

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When it comes to a home nowadays, many people are caught up in its value and preoccupied with market stats and the latest sales data. However, for many, a home is still a place for memories, family and love…
After all, home is where the heart is. Right?

Tell Me – What does “Home” mean to you

For some people, it could mean shelter, a place to raise a family, a safe haven, a place you can be yourself.

Others may look at it in simpler terms. It could be catching fireflies in your parent’s back yard with your kids, Christmas Eve at your grandmother’s house, taking in the sun’s warm rays while floating in the pool, a silent reprieve from the kids and other noises of the day, barbequing in the summer, anywhere your spouse is, watching movies in your PJs on a rainy day, snuggling with your dog on a Sunday morning…

Leave me a comment and tell me what the word “Home” means to you. I encourage you to share this with others. You may be surprised at the responses.

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24 Responses to “What Does “Home” Mean to You?”

  1. Lucretia Collins Says:

    Home means a place to leave your worries behind and snuggle up with your family, laughing at some of those crazy American Idol Singers.. LOL! Its the best place to be.. when your family is there! Its a place where you can be silly and not everyone gets to see that side of your life! No place like home!!

  2. Shuwanna Porter Says:

    Home is my sanctuary and comfort zone. It is the best place to spend time with your family and loved ones. There are always great memories at home.

  3. lisa kiani Says:

    Home is not only where your heart is, but also where your soulmate lives.

  4. Christine Takacs Says:

    Home. It’s where I rushed to on my first day of school to tell my Mom and Dad all about the new friends I made. It’s where I learned how to be Daddy’s little helper growing up. It’s where I helped plant flowers with my Mom, had my first kiss on the front porch on a summer night, snuck down the hall on my belly past my parents room on Christmas morning to see what Santa left. Home is a total feeling of peace. It’s where you go because there is no better place to be.

  5. Kirkland Lofton Says:

    Home is a place that is filled with love, comfort, and security. Home is not measured by brick over siding or a large yard verses a small yard, but instead by the the amount of happiness shared wthin a home that is tailored to the needs and likes of the owner. Any house will provide shelter but a it’s a home that provides warmth and certain touches that resembles the owners personality. The home is a place that you hate to leave and love to return. When days are rough, there truly is “no place like home.” Any agent can find a client a house but it takes a special agent to find a home.

  6. Anne W. Smith Says:

    After watching 2 of my neighbors last year lose their home in foreclosure and become “homeless” in a sense my four walls and a roof are not the same to me anymore. I now appreciate the sun in the window, the stars gleaming on my front lawn, the sound of the school bus bringing my child home safely, and the garage door as it closes nightly ending another day. It is a place of appreciation, love, fun, laughter, tears, and security. It is everything Dorothy wanted when she “clicked her ruby red slippers three times” and longed to see. It is a place I am glad to be.

  7. Britt Argo Says:

    I still happily live in “My First Home” and became an agent soon after buying my first home (was inspired by my great experience buying a home and wanted to help others do the same). Home is my Garage (not having to unpack groceries and run for my apartment in the rain or cold). Home is the time I got to adopt pets (our 2 cats) for the first time–without having to pay a pet deposit or get permission from anyone. Home is where my friends visit (and can park right in front of my house, not dealing with the hassle of finding limited parking in an apartment parking lot.) Home is the first time I actually got to paint a wall with “My Color Choices” and change light fixtures to upgrade and decorate to “My Tastes”. And most importantly– Home is where I brought my daughter home from the hospital–and everytime she colors on the walls, or spills food in the carpet–well–I don’t worry about loosing the deposit–cause whatever mess or damage she makes–it’s mine too. (Ha ha)–Home is where my Family is !!

  8. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    Home, whether it’s big or small, it doesn’t matter at all. Home is a haven against the day’s push and shove. Home is place to come back to and open the door to love. Home is place to come in from cold and be warm. Home is place, for most, to stay safe from harm. It’s empowering to turn the key and know “these windows, these walls belong to me”. It matters not who’s on the other side- a pet, a child, a parent, a lover, a bride. Home is what you make it, alone or with someone together and its a place to gain strength so each day gets better. Bricks and stones may crumble and fall. A house of straw may not stand at all. Some homes are boxes. Some home are tents. Some homes are costly. Some homes are just places to rent. But, a home, whatever it’s location and financial obligation should be a place of happiness and and comfort and celebration. A home built by family and centered by a loving heart, no matter it’s walls and foundation, will never fall apart!

  9. Yvonne Thomas Says:

    Home is the place that warms the cockles of your soul!
    Even if it’s -35C outside! LOL

  10. Lorelei Says:

    Home: Not just real estate, but a place to rendevous for repose and repast, rejuvenation, renewal, restoration, relief, rejoicing and recreation–a place where we revisit our successes and failures, revise our plans, respect one another and recount our blessings.

    Words are not adequate to describe what home means to me! Home is like a greenhouse for families. Everyone grows where there is nourishment, protection and lots of loving care.

  11. Arthur Harris Says:

    Home is your castle,actually your safety zone where you can hang out with your family and friends and be yourself without being careful what you say or do that may offend anyone.

  12. Mary Asberry Says:

    It’s more than the roof over my head, it’s my peace of mind. It could be where my parents lived, or my first home purchase, or the purchase my husband and I made. My home is a moveable. The most precious elements are carried within me; my storage of memories that I carry. I can recreate it wherever I gather amongst family, friends and loved ones. It’s where I have a balance of comfort and freedom to be myself.

  13. Tyler Brenner Says:

    To me, HOME is a never ending project. No matter what, there always seems to be something to do! LOL

  14. Hillary Granum Says:

    Home is a state of mind. After having 4 different “homes” in the last year, I have come to realise that home is where you feel safe, and are truly yourself. The walls come down and the stress of the day can be left on the front mat. People make a place home, not walls, or a new stove, or even a TV. Sometimes starbucks feels like home- it has never ending possiblities to it’s location, it’s just a feeling. Like everything fits.

  15. ann bone Says:

    Hey, have you posted all these great comments on Metro Mike’s Facebook page wall???

  16. Deborah Gaither Says:

    This is a great post!
    I plan to share it.

  17. Jim Lauzon Says:

    Home is family, life, death, love, laughter, hurt, healing, joy, pain, grace, and mercy. Home is memories that pierce ones soul and last for an eternity. Home is baby girls becoming extraordinary young women. Home is being a small part of the big picture and raising the future.

  18. Pat Viohl Says:

    Home… wow, I am flooded with the good, the bad and the life altering… it’s where at 4 years old, I slipped through the porch rail two stories up, processed the fact that the only choice I had was to let go and drop to the ground…. which I did, and with only my pride bruised, headed home to the comfort of my mom…. it’s where as a teenager waiting for guests to arrive for my 16th birthday party, I worried if my dad would be sober… it’s where my mom toppled from a ladder outside and in a scene straight out of a slap-stick comedy, landed on the ground with a paint bucket upside down on her head….. it’s where my dad, suffering from cancer,collapsed in my arms on my 40th brithday…. where we celebrated my 2nd marriage with a party AFTER the reception, with all our friends, family and some mighty fine barbershop harmony singing [this marriage “took”, we are 34 years and still going]…. it’s where I met for the first time my dad’s first child from a previous marriage, my dear half-sister Ellen…. it’s where I sat laughing and crying with my sisters as we sorted, discarded and packed up a life time of memories as we moved mom into an assisted living facility for those with Alzheimers… that home, the home of my youth, disappeared when I finally and completely disappeared from my mom’s memory. My home now is the home where I worry if my children are making the right decisions, the home where my husband and kids loving call me the control freak…. where in the eyes of my grandchildren I can do no wrong…. where my husband reminds me daily, in so many ways, that I have done just fine with my life…. the place I always feel safe in as soon as I walk in the door at the end of the day.

  19. Cheryl Jackson Says:

    Home is a place where my family feels comfort, safe and love. Where they feel they can be anyone, do anything and be as silly as they want. No great expections but to love and be loved!

  20. Betty Floyd Says:

    Home is like mother heart. It is a place where I can find peace, love, hugs, kiss and smiling face waiting on me… Music on the air to spread joy and memories of the best time in my life. Where I can find energy to tell me that : You did, you can do and you will go. Look at the Wonderful World waiting on you.

  21. sam.russell@metrobrokers.com Says:

    Home is where I find peace, laughter, safety, and serenity. I can walk around in my underwear and not be arrested.

  22. Harvey LaPrade Says:

    Home is where family and love grow hand in hand, where friends are always welcome and frequently found, where no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been, you will always belong.

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