Being TOO Connected Turns Some/Most/Important People Off


I just found the perfect gift for everyone on my holiday gift list! Yes, I know it’s only May but when an epiphany like this strikes, I pay attention.

The perfect gift is a special fabric pouch which blocks all incoming calls to a cell phone. The nami fabric made bags can block cell phones from receiving calls. Your numbers appear as “unavailable” or “busy network” to the person calling you. The bag also can be used as a pocket for money or cards. It works with all networks and is easy to use, just put your phone into the bag and all calls will not get through. I’ve even seen a version to be used on a date or social occasion embroidered with, “I’ve blocked my phone for you.” How romantic.

How practical in business situations, too. Have you seen the commercials on TV when an interviewee’s phone goes off at the wrong time and the (foolish) interviewee ANSWERS it? And holds her finger up to the prospective employer in a gesture telling him to “hold on”?

Here are several other cell phone turn-offs I’ve encountered:

  • In the restroom – Do we really need to even mention this? How nauseating for the person on the other end of the call.
  • With clients and customers – Face to face time with clients and customers is priceless. Every client or customer should feel that they’re the most important thing in the world to you at that moment.  NOTE: The only exceptions would be when calls are from vendors or others participating in that same deal.
  • In the classroom – I love the video I saw recently of an instructor teaching at full speed when a student’s phone rings; he answers it and turns away from the instructor to conduct his call “in private”. Without missing a beat, the instructor grabs the phone and smashes it to the ground, breaking it into a lot of tiny pieces. She continues teaching as if nothing has happened.
  • In meetings – Why are we meeting if the subject at hand is not important? Why should everyone wait for certain attendees to refocus on the meeting? Why are unfocused attendees even at the meeting?
  • When seeking advice from a boss/mentor/leader/others – Hello!!?? You called ME to ask for help. And you’re putting me on hold while you take another call? Or you’re taking a call while sitting at my desk with me in the middle of a discussion? Come back when you can give me your full attention.

What are some of your cell phone turn-offs?

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10 Responses to “Being TOO Connected Turns Some/Most/Important People Off”

  1. ann bone Says:

    Love the picture!

  2. Shelia Hamilton Says:

    Ann, I think this is wonderful advise. Where can I purchase one of these fantastic gifts? I totally agree, we should give each client, boss/leader/mentor our fullest attention. Each client is/and should be your most important client.

  3. ann bone Says: has a great one with a nicely embroidered message, “I’ve Turned Off My Phone for You”.

  4. Karen Burge Says:

    Thank you Ann for the info on the product of which I’d love to give to people trying to conduct business in places such as the grocery store,restruant, bank or other establishments where the people behind you also have business to conduct and you are holding up everyone for your conversation.

  5. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    Another cell phone turn-off? How about in church? Even a small congregation feels like it’s filling a catherdral when your phone goes off during the sermon. There’s no place to hide, especially from the minister who’s so adept at leading the entire congregation’s stares right to you. Getting up and walking out – doesn’t make make it any easier! Gotta get one of these bags becasue once is enough to be in this position! Now to remember to take it out of the bag when the moment’s over!! Thanks for this. It’s a very good idea for a whole lot of people.

  6. Steve Adkins Says:

    I’ve never understood why people have such a hard time turning OFF the cell phone. Especially when in a face to face meeting with a client. And I never put one call on hold while I take a second call.

    Ask yourself how YOU feel when people do this to you?

  7. Monika Berger Says:

    Airports! I have unwillingly witnessed people talking (badly) about people they had interviewed for a job while waiting to board a plane and I really dislike people who are after boarding a plane have to keep talking on their cells until the flight attendant tells them to finally turn it off.

  8. ann bone Says:

    does this cartoon remind you of meetings you have attended recently?

  9. Lynn Blaylock Says:

    I totally agree with not taking calls in certain situations but I am not sure I want my clients calling me and having my number appear as “unavailable” or “busy network”. I think I will stay with letting the calls go to voice mail.

  10. real estate hanoi Says:

    thanks for sharing this great post!

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