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Top 10 Complaints and How to Avoid Them

November 18, 2011

BHGRE Metro Brokers and CBC Metro Brokers enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC), primarily due to our excellent training, readily available Broker Support and the integrity of our agents. That’s not to say we’re perfect, by any means! What are the most frequent complaints filed with the GREC by the public and other licensees which result in citations, sanctions, suspensions and revocations? The top ten complaints follow with some suggestions as to how to avoid mistakes which may lead to complaints. (more…)

Putting on Your Professional Suit

November 14, 2011

Sometimes we all trip up and pull a Rick Perry. Regardless of the fact that it was just a slip up, we should never forget that perception is everything. That is true especially in our business where our primary contact is with the public. There are many ways that our customers and clients can become offended by what we say, wear, write, and display. Here are some examples of behaviors that you should avoid if you want your customers and clients to take you seriously.

I am going to start with something I did to offend. Several years ago I had a bumper sticker that said “God BlessAmerica”. Innocuous right? Wrong, I actually had another driver pull up beside me and Say “What do you mean? Why don’t you have a sticker that says God BlessFrance?” I swear that is exactly what he said and he shouted it at me. I no longer have any bumper stickers on my car AND neither should you. It’s not professional.


Charging non-Realtors® to Access GAR Forms

November 7, 2011

Have you heard the news that, beginning January 1, 2012, real estate licensees who are not Realtors® (not members of a Board or Association of Realtors®) will no longer have free access to GAR Forms? All agents affiliated with BHGRE Metro Brokers and CBC Metro Brokers are required to be Realtors and will have access to GAR Forms, but this will be a big change for some other companies that don’t require membership.

Once 2012 begins, non-Realtors® will have to pay a $199 annual licensing fee for access to GAR Forms. The GAR Forms will recognize the NRDS numbers of Realtors®. When non-Realtors® try to access the GAR Forms and cannot provide a NRDS number, they will be offered the opportunity to pay the annual licensing fee online. No fee payment, no GAR Forms access. (more…)