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My Ideal (Female) Realtor® Shoe Wardrobe

December 27, 2011

When I became licensed as a real estate agent years ago, I am embarrassed to admit that I actually worried that I would need an elegant wardrobe and expensive shoes to fit the image of the “ladies who play tennis in the morning and play real estate in the afternoon”. I didn’t and still don’t play tennis. I entered the real estate business as a full-time professional. BUT… after having a Ferragamo sucked off in the mud at a new construction site, getting countless stiletto heels caught and skinned on hundreds of wooden decks, and watching my leather shoes crack from repeatedly getting wet, I learned that practical footwear rules!

The ideal female real estate shoe wardrobe, all of which should be kept in the trunk of an agent’s car at all times for instant access and use would include: (more…)

Best Places in Metro Atlanta to Take in the Holiday Lights

December 16, 2011

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about the holidays is seeing everyone take out their holiday decorations. It’s especially great at night, when you can drive around and see all of the holiday lights at the neighbors’ homes.

But where do you go to get absolutely overwhelmed by holiday light displays? Georgia has some great spots that are sure to make your jaw drop! (more…)

Go the Extra Mile with Customer Service – An Example from Delta Airlines

December 12, 2011

It’s that time of year when everyone is traveling to see family and shopping for the holidays.

All of this holiday shopping has reminded me that people have become so immune to poor customer service and are actually surprised when they receive exceptional service. On the flip side, companies usually only hear about the bad experiences. More often than not, you hear customers getting upset with an employee.

Sometimes complaints are justified, but that’s not always the case…just look at the latest Alec Baldwin rampage on American Airlines. Geez Alec, just admit you were wrong for having a meltdown or say you were just rehearsing a new role as an entitled actor.

Anyways, just remember, to acknowledge good customer service too. And while you’re at it, stop to think about the type of service you provide to your customers. Do you always go the extra mile?

Let me tell you one of my stories… (more…)

Backing Up To the Cloud

December 5, 2011

This post is the second in a series on Cloud Computing. See the first article here.

Let me tell you about the time I lost my data. Well, it wasn’t actually mine. Being a technology worker, most of my time is spent protecting other people’s data, but much like a teacher calls her students “my kids” I call my customers’ documents “my data.”

In this case, I had foolishly allowed a server disk to exist without redundancy. That means when the drive failed (as all disk drives do, eventually), the server crashed. When the server crashed, everyone’s computers started vomiting errors. When that happens, people start speaking in tongues and their heads spin around backwards. The technical term for this is “Business Continuity Interruption.”

“It’s all okay,” I reassured, “I have a backup!”

Well, several hours and several buckets worth of nervous sweat later, I realized the backups were corrupt. The tapes were completely unreadable. At this point, I’m thinking of polishing off my resume and skipping town.

My last resort was to bring the disk drive to a company that could break it apart and copy the data, bit-by-bit onto a new disk. Three days later, we received a new disk (with “most” of the data) and a $1,800 bill.

In return for my heroic data recovery efforts, I earned some new ulcers and a valuable lesson:

Don’t mess around with your data.