The Most Expensive Home in the World Costs $1 Billion!


In 2010, Mukesh Ambani – the richest man in India, forth richest man in the world – completed work on the most expensive home ever built. Totaling $1 billion, the 27-story tower in Mumbai has more floor space than the palace of Versailles and employs 600 staff members.

Named Antilia, the exterior features a very modern design with asymmetric stacks of glass, steel and tiles. There’s also a four-story hanging garden, health club with gym and dance studio, at least one swimming pool, a 50-seat cinema, 3 helipads and a 160-car parking garage on property.

Just think, the home is just for Ambani, his wife and their three children! The family quarters are on the top floors – above the ballroom and many guest rooms – and include incredible views of Mumbai and the Arabian Sea.

I keep thinking you could purchase 1,000 million dollar houses for the cost of this one home. Incredible!

If you were building the most expensive home in the world, what would you build and where would it be?

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5 Responses to “The Most Expensive Home in the World Costs $1 Billion!”

  1. Alison Trevor Childs Says:

    It appears to me like the 4th richest man in the world played with waaaaaaaaay too many building blocks when he was a kid!!

  2. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    Guess it’s true what they say- “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!” This looks like an unfinished Lego project! I certainly hope the bulk of the price of this home is for the upgrades INSIDE, that this photo doesn’t show.

  3. Says:

    Well, the architect, and the contractor must have laughed all the way to the bank.. But, the good news is, he must have employed lots of people to build this house.

    And , hopefully the political climate is good in that country because it seems quite an easy target for haters.

  4. Bonnie Netherland Says:

    I can assure you that if I had that much money to invest in a home, it would be a whole lot prettier than this thing!

  5. Susan Says:

    well “location, location, location?”

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