How to Start Your Own Blog


Thinking about starting your own blog?

I have a few tips to get you started. Metro Brokers’ Blog has remained successful, with thousands of views each month. In fact, this entry marks its 200th post.

While blogging is definitely a form of social networking, it can help you in ways that Facebook and Twitter can’t. It’s a great outlet for your business knowledge and personal views, and you can go into much greater detail than on other social networking sites.

Just be sure that you have time to dedicate to it.

Getting Started

First, it’s important to find a blogging website that you are comfortable with. There are endless sites available, but we prefer a WordPress blog. WordPress has free blogging available, and can be upgraded with different features. If you’re just starting out, stick with the free one and you’ll be pleased.

Before you start posting your first article, take the time to set up your blog. This will include choosing a name for your blog, picking a theme and other necessary items. When someone visits your blog, you want it to look good, and reflect your topics and personality.

Plus, WordPress has a good interface that makes it easy to create new blog posts and add content. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the interface prior to posting.

Find Topics

Blogs are created for a variety of reasons. It could be a blog about the movies that you recently saw, technology your interested in, or food you ate. It could also be about your own personal commentary on your professional business. Depending on the type of blog that you’re creating, you should go view other blogs to get some ideas.

I might get made fun of for writing this, but I prefer to create a spreadsheet of possible topics. For instance, I’ll first make some broad category’s – Industry News, How To’s, Fun Facts, etc. – and then under each of those category’s state a specific article – ex. Star Trek House article is under Fun Facts. It’s better to go into a blog with a plan and a bunch of ideas, rather than trying to come up with them at the last second.

If you’re creating a professional blog, such as a real estate blog, don’t use it as a means of blatant advertising. Readers will see this for what it is, and stay away. You’re blog is not going to be a success if you’re just advertising a product for sale, or your own services. Present opinions, spread knowledge and news, and make it interesting.

Also, figure out how often you want to create a new post: Daily, weekly or twice a week? Try to post new content at least once a week, or your readers may lose interest.

Share It

How do you find readers for your new blog? You can’t just wait and hope that they find you using Google. You have to let everyone know about it! This has become easier than ever, since we are all connected with Facebook and Twitter. Share new posts with your Facebook friends and with your Twitter followers.

You can also email your contacts to let them know about the new blog and the type of topics to expect. Add it to your email signature, and share it on your marketing (website, flyers, etc).

Finally, go out and comment on other blogs. Don’t just invite them to read your blog, make sure that your comments are meaningful and add to the conversation. A lot of times this is how bloggers are recognized and really catch on.

Keep Blogging!

Most importantly, once you get started, don’t stop! Like working out on a regular basis, it’s easy to stop blogging because you don’t have time or just don’t feel like it. Make a commitment to blog on a regular basis and stick to it! Otherwise, you’ll quickly lose readers and your blog will fall into obscurity.

If you have a blog already, share your tips below and include a link to your blog!

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3 Responses to “How to Start Your Own Blog”

  1. Ann Bone Says:

    Blogging is a great way to share experiences (good and “learning opportunities”) and pass on knowledge. Be aware, though, that as Realtors, we can NEVER disparage or malign another Realtor’s business model, business practices or work. Blogs, like postings on Facebook, Twitter or any other media are subject to the NAR Code of Ethics!

    If you wouldn’t want to see it on the front page of a website, don’t write it anywhere…..

  2. Sandi Rodrick Says:

    Ann, you are, as always so correct. Some things never change. Blogging etiquette includes a written form of the manners everyone’s mother brought them up with. Surely every mom everywhere has uttered the phrase at least once [probably more like a hundred times], “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” In today’s world it’s kind of altered to, “If you can’t write [text] anything nice, then save yourself a lawsuit and don’t write anything at all!” Still, people have a voracious appetite for information all types of variety. Most millionaires [billionaires] have the foundation of their fortune based on something that was their interest, their passion. Who knows the next Hemmingway [or more currently J K Rowling or Suzanne Collins] could get their start from a Metro Brokers influenced blog! Tisha- Thanks for the great tips to get started blogging. I’m always being encouraged to write so who knows? I’m filing these tips
    away until a topic strikes my soul and passion. Watch out, Carrie Bradshaw!!!

  3. Janken Daniels Says:

    Thanks for the great tips Tisha. Blogging is still one thiing I have trouble with.

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