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Keeping Up with the Joneses? Not as Important as Keeping Up with Trends

June 25, 2012

Never before in the history of real estate has our market been so volatile. What is happening at this very moment may be totally different than it was six months ago, and it will be totally different again in all likelihood in another 6 months. Are we in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market?

Whatever your guess is, it might be right but it could change again very soon. That’s why it’s critically important for agents and the public to be aware of the current trends and monitor changes on a monthly (if not weekly) basis.

It’s not difficult to back up your findings to your buyers and sellers by using the information available to you. We all know that in the state of Georgia, most homeowners who have a mortgage are underwater. It’s still hard for the sellers to grapple with this, so the more data you have to support the facts, the easier your job will be to help the seller understand what their options are. (more…)

Passwords: Protecting Yourself Online

June 18, 2012

With the recent leak of LinkedIn, eHarmony and passwords, I think it’s past time for users (like you) to inform yourselves on the effect of non-secure passwords. More and more of our personal and financial information is available behind a simple username/password prompt, giving each of us an increased likelihood of that information finding its way into the hands of criminals. However, you can mitigate your risk through education and diligence.

How Exactly Are You at Risk?

The ultimate goal of malicious hackers is to make money. They attempt to steal your information so they can access your bank account, or create new credit accounts in your name. They may target you specifically or you may be one of millions of victims of automated hack scripts. Your bank accounts may be emptied or your credit ruined, usually leading to months or years of working with banks and creditors to repair the damages. (more…)

Why Are There Multiple Offers?

June 4, 2012

Today’s real estate market continues to provide agents and their clients with new challenges. One hurdle that we’re facing is the prevalence of multiple offers on well priced properties.

If what we have been seeing and hearing on the news about our real estate market is true, why would this be happening?

Statistics show that the Atlanta area listing inventory is quite low compared to the previous 4 years. In the under $100,000 range citywide, we are seeing a 3 month inventory at best. The total number of days on market for all properties has dropped to a citywide average of 13 days during the month of April 2012. The average sales price on the other hand continues to creep upward. (more…)