Success is a State of Mind


I’m sure you’ve been asked, “do you have to go to work tomorrow?” My answer to this mundane question is, “no, I get to go to work tomorrow!”

I must confess that I’ve never been one of those people that leap out of bed in the mornings. I hit the snooze button way too many times before I’m in the frame of mind to embrace another day. But the minute my feet hit the floor, I start thinking of all the things to be accomplished. Things that I have to do and things that I want to do.

Rarely at the end of the day have I accomplished everything, but I don’t beat myself up over it. Somewhere in my life’s journey I came to the realization that success comes one step at a time. I also discovered that success is a state of mind and that my success depends on my state of mind.

“Successful men and women become successful because they acquire the habit of thinking in terms of success. Get the success habit in the small circumstances you control, and soon you’ll be controlling the bigger ones.” – Napoleon Hill (“Think and Grow Rich”).

As a real estate salesperson, I met each potential client with butterflies in my stomach. A feeling similar to that of performers right before the opening curtains reveal you to your audience or you are announced as the next speaker. I began visualizing meeting clients, working through the sales transaction from beginning to end, and sitting at the closing table in a win-win finale. Success became a state of mind.

But how do we cope if the ending is not a happy ending… not a success?

“All my successes have been built on my failures.” – Benjamin Disraeli.

Nobody likes to fail, and why should you? Focus on getting better and not on the mistakes or failures. Understanding mistakes is important, but your focus and attention should go into getting better. Success orientation (thinking about success) is associated with more success whereas failure orientation (focusing on mistakes) is not. Studies show that people who believe in repair feel much better and are able to attend to negative feelings much less than people who do not.

Also, studies show that keeping your eye on the long-term goal constantly can distract you from your performance because it creates such distance from your goal. Instead, focus on the short-term sub-goals, especially after “failure.” Remember, success is one step at a time.

“A winner is one who accepts his failures and mistakes, picks up the pieces, and continues striving to reach his goals.” – Dexter Yager.

To be truly successful, you must become conscious of your thoughts and recognize the power of your mind to create your success.

Rather than reacting to an endless barrage of random thoughts, begin to quiet your mind and focus on the thoughts that instill in you a sense of positivity and vision for success. Do this often and I guarantee you will be amazed with the results.

Anything you can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

What recent success can you attribute to your belief in yourself? A vision of your success? A state of mind?

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14 Responses to “Success is a State of Mind”

  1. Kristy Serkedakis Says:

    I totally agree that success is one step at a time. But so many people hold themselves back from taking the first step because they are afraid they will make a mistake. Making mistakes is part of the formula for success and everyone makes them along the way. Get over waiting to take action until you “know it all” because you never will. Just go do it!

    • Brenda Waters Says:

      Well put, Kristy! I’ve seen a lot of potentially great agents that spend so much time getting ready to get ready that they never take action. You’re right in saying, “just go do it!”

  2. WAYNE Says:

    This is the most inspired writing I have read on SUCCESS!
    That was very well written and explained to me what that is all
    about-a step at a time, and continually learning-that touched me
    and inspired me- I have done a lot on Real Estate reading
    and the field of all abouts of it-and see alot of good people
    in it. Thanks!
    Wayne (TUCKER)

    • Brenda Waters Says:

      Thanks for your kind comments, Wayne. All the good people I know in Real Estate continue to inspire me. This has been my career for over thirty years and I continue to enjoy the challenges and the opportunities to succeed through helping others.

  3. Kishan Haynes Says:

    It’s amazing what positive thinking can do. Great article Brenda! 🙂

  4. Frank Holden Says:


  5. Sandra Says:

    Makes me feel better to know someone else hits the snooze button a lot! I’m not a morning person and I always feel slightly guilty because of that. But that doesn’t keep me from getting up and going!! We all have things to overcome and we can’t let them stand in the way.

  6. Linda Gregory Says:

    To me failures are the best lessons learned. We can use that as a tool in a positive way to create a path for success.

  7. Bridgette Freeman Says:

    Although a simple premise (you think therefore you are), but most people struggle with implenting due to fear, doubt and constant negative messages. It is nice to have a reminder, how refreshing and thank you. Great post for a Monday!

    • Brenda Waters Says:

      You are so right, Bridgette! Sometimes we can’t do a thing about the circumstances…but we can adjust how we think about them. We can change fear into courage; doubt into belief; and negative messages into positive messages. Ask any leader.

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