Clients Need a Community Specialist, Not Just a Sales Agent


The more I meet with agents, the more obvious it becomes that clients are seeking a more personalized sales experience. Sure they want a home to call their own and you are an expert in sales, but they want more.

Home seekers not only commit to a new residence, but most of the time also a new business, school, town or state. And they’re seeking a community specialist to guide them.

Can you quote a line from your local theatre’s rendition of “Our Town” last Friday night? If you haven’t scanned your area’s popular scenes, now is the time to start.

Jason moved to Atlanta from Albany, Ga. to pursue a new career opportunity. However, lost in the “big city” he is uncertain of which neighborhoods are accommodating and which ones he should avoid. Hiring you as his real estate agent, he expects a knowledgeable individual educated on the distinct traits of the area. Are you up for the challenge?

You don’t have to memorize every county in Ga. to become a community specialist. I suggest just the opposite. Start by working in the areas you already know well. Get to know the communities by attending events, and Chamber of Commerce and City Council meetings. Stay up-to-date with public news by following local blogs, newspapers and town journals. Visit the restaurants, talk with the neighbors, taste the food, and drink the wine.

Most of our top agents began by embracing the towns they were from. Karen Lance, Top Branch Office Sales Associate winner for the past four consecutive years, gets involved by joining civic groups such as the Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce and Service League of Cherokee County along with several more.

You don’t have to go the “extra mile” to become a community specialist, just step into your own backyard.

How many of you are a community specialist? How’d you become one?

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2 Responses to “Clients Need a Community Specialist, Not Just a Sales Agent”

  1. sandi.rodrick Says:

    Your artilce if right on the money but the topic is sort of preaching to the choir out here in Conyers, which is why we work together as a group to keep an office membership with the Conyers-Rockdale Chamer of Commerce. The Chamber keeps us informed of city/county events, new business memebers, and what’s happening on the political scene besides being a great place to network within business and social settings with employers and staffers not necessarily from a real estate background. Though I see a lot of opportunities the Chamber offers that the agents let fall by the wayside, I keep putting the info out there. I am always pleasantly pleased when something good comes from an agent making use of this valuable resource. Being part of the Chamber is always a great way to mingle with community leaders and “mover and shakers” of your community.

  2. Brenda Waters Says:

    Sandi, you do a great job promoting BHGRE Metro Brokers in the community. It takes someone with your drive and passion to get the agents active also. You’re right, the Conyers office gets it!!!

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