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“But the Buyer Asked Me to Hold Their Earnest Money Check”

December 31, 2012

earnest_moneyConsider the following scenarios:

  • Unrepresented buyer, Moe Lasses, finally takes the plunge and makes an offer on a lovely vacant lot. After the offer is accepted and becomes a binding agreement, Moe quickly learns that the zoning of the property will not allow him to subdivide the lot. Moe asks the listing agent to hold up on the depositing of his earnest money until he can renegotiate the contract to include a rezoning contingency, which should take no more than a couple of weeks. The agent sets the earnest money check aside and continues to negotiate the Amendment between Moe and the seller. (more…)

A Holiday Poem for the End of 2012

December 24, 2012


T’was the end of the year and all through the bullpen

The agents were moaning, “It will improve WHEN?”

Short sales and rentals had given them gray hair,

And left the poor agents not a moment to spare.


Despair and exhaustion did linger and hover

But the pulse of the market beat just a bit stronger.

Faintly at first, then with detectable pace,

More contracts, more closings and more breathing space! (more…)

Multiple Email Addresses? No Problem With Outlook

December 17, 2012

organizing_emailIn today’s world of email communication, it’s not uncommon to have multiple email addresses where you receive certain types of email. In addition to a work email account, some agents have set up their own email based on their personal website (for example, or even multiple personal accounts (Gmail for family/friends and Yahoo for my Fantasy Football Team!).

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, we give every agent an “” email for a reason: Because it’s the most professional way to communicate with your customers. While a Gmail account is useful, it should only be used for non-professional communication.

But I regularly have agents tell me that “I use my personal [insert Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or even AOL] email address for my business because it’s too hard to keep up with another email address”. This is beyond frustrating. (more…)

New Year’s Resolutions for Great Real Estate Agents!

December 10, 2012

resolutions_2013I know it’s still 2012, but I can’t help thinking about the New Year just around the corner and what I can do to make it a better year. Don’t we all want less hassle, fewer “forgotten items”, more business accomplished and much lower stress levels?

With that in mind, I put together a list of my recommended resolutions for agents that want to make 2013 their best year ever: (more…)

Adding Business Brokerage to Your Real Estate Career

December 3, 2012

business_brokerageYour real estate license provides opportunity for residential and commercial sales. It even provides opportunity for sales of businesses.

On your way home today, take notice of how many small businesses you pass. Franchises and independent businesses are all around you. On any given day, any one of those business owners could be ready to offer their business for sale.

The business owner is leasing space or owns the property he or she occupies. This means that you will be conveying the lease or selling the real property along with the business transfer. Sometimes the business owner will sell the property and then lease back the space. This strategy provides capital and the business can be transferred with the business owner as the tenant. (more…)