New Year’s Resolutions for Great Real Estate Agents!


resolutions_2013I know it’s still 2012, but I can’t help thinking about the New Year just around the corner and what I can do to make it a better year. Don’t we all want less hassle, fewer “forgotten items”, more business accomplished and much lower stress levels?

With that in mind, I put together a list of my recommended resolutions for agents that want to make 2013 their best year ever:

  1. I resolve to charge my phone and computer every night so that I will never be caught “unprepared”.
  2. I resolve to wake up each morning to “Another Day of Opportunity!”
  1. I resolve to silence my phone while I am face-to-face with any client or prospective client, to give them my full and undivided attention and treat them as if they are my only client.
  2. I resolve to check my messages regularly and return calls and respond to emails promptly. I also resolve to learn to tell the difference between “urgencies” and “priorities”, so that I can remain focused on my clients and my business.
  3. I resolve to respond to letters with a letter, answer emails by email, return calls with a call and return faxes by fax to avoid confusion.
  4. I resolve to do one new piece of business each and every week. That new piece of business can be a new listing, a new buyer client or a binding agreement reached.
  5. I resolve to personally conduct one Open House each month.
  6. I resolve to attend all my closings personally. I won’t lose this happy time to prospect for referrals and to thank my client or customer for choosing to do business with me!
  7. I resolve to conduct myself professionally at all times, whether in person or in my correspondence and postings.
  8. I resolve to dress and act like I have been to the closing table many times before.
  9. I resolve to plan tomorrow’s schedule tonight.

What are some of your New Year’s Real Estate Resolutions? Please share below!

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10 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions for Great Real Estate Agents!”

  1. Kristy Serkedakis Says:

    Another great resolution:
    I resolve to attend my office Sales Meetings. The Team Leaders work hard to bring quality programs that will help agents improve their business.

  2. pviohl Says:

    All so intuitive and things at the heart of it that we all KNOW we should do….. Thanks Ann for the reminder… My resolution: to add 5 new people a month to my SOI mailing list!

  3. Arthur Harris Says:

    I plan to have a positive attitude each and every day and avoid the naysayers.

  4. Mary Ann Varner Says:

    I resolve to update my vital business website by adding content monthly, thereby enhancing its SEO. Also update my business cards and keep my car prepared with GAR forms for on-the-go prospecting!!

  5. conyersom Says:

    These may be 2013 resolutions but there’s still time close out 2012 with some of these same pointers. Instead of waiting for 2013, why not close out 2012 with some of these resolutions already a good habit for 2013! May 2013 be a prosperous year for every agent out there!

  6. Elaine Says:

    Excellent time to set up your goals and resolutions for 2013.

  7. alfred Says:

    the only resolution I got for next year is to become more success than this year.

  8. tricia Says:

    Looking forward to my 2013 business plan! Great advice Ann!

  9. Stephanie Says:

    I took a couple days to plan for 2013; during this time I cleaned up existing files, made new files, set up a contact agenda and placed clients on my new calendar. Just a few things to begin preparing for an awesome 2013… I also, would like to prepare my business plan before the 1st. Good Luck to each of you for a very prosperous NEW YEAR!!!! Thank you Ann for guiding us…

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