A Holiday Poem for the End of 2012



T’was the end of the year and all through the bullpen

The agents were moaning, “It will improve WHEN?”

Short sales and rentals had given them gray hair,

And left the poor agents not a moment to spare.


Despair and exhaustion did linger and hover

But the pulse of the market beat just a bit stronger.

Faintly at first, then with detectable pace,

More contracts, more closings and more breathing space!


And Kevin in his wisdom and with usual aplomb

Prepared all the agents for the latest tech bomb.

The keys to success he laid out on a platter

“Buyers and sellers need to feel that they matter!


Get up in the morning!  Get ready for work!

Don’t let the poor clients believe you’re a jerk.

Keep up on the market, know the neighborhood lore.

Preview, preview, and preview some more!


Relationship management is the buzz this new year

CRM, LeadRouter, Market Leader are here!

Your leads will be tracked from birth until closing,

You’ll never lose touch even when you’re caught dozing.


Drip emails, contact logging, the occasional phone call

Ingredients for success, letting agents stand tall

Feeding the prospects the latest listing information

Of homes and condos and investment situations.


Clients using the platforms to do their own searching

On your shoulders they feel like scavengers perching

Checking behind you, sure you are missing

The best deals out there, ripe for the bidding.


But, lo, to the doubting Thomas’ delight

Imagine their glee when they find you are right!

Market values are climbing after years of decline

And to lose on a bid makes everyone whine.


Be the best at reading the market’s condition

Using RealValuator gives you big ammunition!

Price the listings to sell and clue in the buyers

Houses are selling and prices are higher!


More listings, good listings are what you need now

To control the market and draw a big crowd

Of buyers clamoring for a really great house

To shelter the family and please the spouse.”


And as he turned to leave us, we heard Kevin exclaim

“Use the tools on the table, no time to complain!

You’re poised to achieve unlimited success

Get out there and do what you love to do best!”


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for a GREAT 2013!


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13 Responses to “A Holiday Poem for the End of 2012”

  1. Tammie Says:

    How clever! Love it!!!

  2. laquita baez Says:

    I love it. Thanks Ann! : )

  3. conyersom Says:

    I enjoyed this and just know that Clement Clarke Moore would be proud. But please don’t leave us for the literary world. We need your talent and expertise more.

  4. Terry Young Says:

    Happy New Year Everyone!!

  5. Carmen Allen Says:

    Thanks for the Poem. It brighten my day !!!

  6. Sara HIBBARD Says:

    Wow! I’ve always known Ann was really really talented and we are all lucky to have her lead us, however I didn’t realize she was a very accomplished and talented poet too! This is great! Thanks Ann for this very cute poem and all you do to help each of us throughout the year too!

  7. Kathy Steward, Broker Support Says:

    What a great message hidden in those funny lines!!

  8. Crystal Brumfield Says:

    Such a wonderful and motivating poem!!!!!! Let’s make 2013 a great year.

  9. Ida Hardnett Says:

    Thanks for inspiring us when we need it the most! Great hopes for 2013!!

  10. Lorelei Fischer Says:

    Nice, Ann! Always appreciate your encouragement–and, I always enjoy a fun original poem! Thanks and Happy New Year to you, too!

  11. Kristin Lineberger Wilhoyte Says:

    Love this!

  12. Bridgette Freeman Says:

    The poem is cute, but the background singers are great (yep that would be me)! Thanks Ann for the entertainment value & knowledge.

  13. David Hixon Says:

    Very inspiring, nicely written poem!

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