Can We Talk?



That’s actually a great question in the age of instant messaging. I think the art of conversation may be falling by the wayside. It has become so easy for all of us to email, text and tweet. I think email and texting has given us a comfort zone that may be detrimental to the agent/customer relationship. As Realtors®, we need to ask ourselves whether we’re doing what’s best for the customer or what’s convenient and comfortable for us.

I’m wondering what initial conversations we’re having with the customer about their choice of contact from us. It seems to me the best first step once you’ve established a rapport with your new customer is to ask pertinent questions about what their expectations are regarding communication from you. This not only means how often they would like for you to contact them, but how they want to be contacted.

Not everyone wants to be texted or emailed. Most people, at some point, want to hear your voice and you should want to hear theirs as a lot of emotion can be heard in a phone conversation. You can’t get a sense of a customer’s feelings in an email or text.

Also, customers can tell a lot by listening to your voice messages too. If you say something to the effect that it might be best to text me or email me, the customer already may sense you are not comfortable with phone conversations and they might give up on you. I think the bottom line is, as “the Old Man” on the TV show Pawn Stars says, “Pick up the damn phone and call!”

I would like to hear from BHGRE Metro Brokers agents about how they broach the subject on connecting with the customer and unique ways you communicate with the buying and selling public.

P.S. I hope a lot of you beg for a face to face meeting as soon as possible.

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7 Responses to “Can We Talk?”

  1. Bob Morrison Says:

    Very timely blog and so important in today’s market. Good, effective communication does seem to be a thing of the past, and, yet, it is so critical to not only a successful transaction, but, also, keeping that relationship alive for years to come. Great article!!

  2. Kathy Steward, Broker Support Says:

    Since the experts say that effective communication is impacted by
    the words spoken to the tune of 7%,the tone of voice by 38%
    and the gestures used by 55%;
    it is clear that voice to voice is more effective! The goal of a real
    estate professional who locates a “suspect” should be to get
    face to face with them, if possible, to determine if that suspect should be upgraded to a prospect. This is still a people business.

  3. Melissa Stephens Says:

    This blog is very timely and something I’ve often wondered about…customer service by voice or face is something that I worry my children may never experience and it’s so important. In our business we always try to connect in a face to face meeting with clients from the beginning of the relationship…whether it be a buyer consultation or a listing presentation. Both of these meetings are opportunities to set expectations for the home buying or selling process and communication expectations.

    Personally, I cannot stand when an agent/lender/client passes along bad or disappointing news in an email or text. This is one of the worst misuses of modern technology if you ask me. It’s almost as if text/email gives allows people to be cowards instead of facing up to bad events or news (kind of like breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend by email or text….it’s just not right).

    My personal rule of thumb; if the text is more than two sentences long it warrants a phone call instead of a text. If the email is more than one paragraph long it warrants a phone call.

  4. Kathy Steward, Broker Support Says:

    Excellent customer service rule of thumb! No wonder you are among our top agents.

  5. Kristy Serkedakis Says:

    Texting, emailing and other forms of electronic communication have their place in our business. Tech tools are simply that…tools which help us create opportunities to develop a relationship with someone else. They cannot replace picking up the phone…and even better…getting face to face with someone. That’s how true connections are created.

  6. zlteam Says:

    So many think that customer service is dead…Wonderful post!

  7. Larry Walker Says:

    If I agree, but then respond by typing a response here instead of a call, then what does that say about me?

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