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Changing Companies in a Changing Market… Not Necessarily a Good Strategy

July 29, 2013

changing_companiesAs the real estate market is heating up, real estate agents are trying to figure out how to capitalize on the opportunities in today’s market. For some, moving to another real estate company may seem like the answer.

The reality is that changing companies in a changing market may not be a good strategy if a real estate agent is currently affiliated with a known and respected real estate brand. Such a move would likely hurt an agent’s business. (more…)

Set Your Home’s “Stage” with the Perfect Curtains

July 22, 2013

curtains_buying_guideWho thought that curtains could be such a big deal in your home? While it may seem like an afterthought to some sellers, curtains frame a room in the same way a good haircut frames a face. The right choice of curtain can change the look and feel of a space, and help your home sell faster.

Sometimes, the wrong curtain choice could make your home look older than it actually is, dating it for potential buyers. Even worse, homes without curtains look drab, especially if your blinds are the simple metal kind.

If you’re thinking about buying curtains, keep these 12 things in mind. (more…)

Renovations May Impact Your Home Insurance

July 15, 2013

home_renovationsAs home sales continue to pick up, many sellers are thinking about putting their homes on the market. A lot of homeowners feel that they should make those last minute renovations before listing the home, so it can have a better chance at selling and even give them a higher price.

If you’re planning a renovation to your home and don’t take the time to speak to your insurance broker, you could be making a big mistake. During and after a renovation, your current policy may not cover your home and contents if something bad happens. (more…)

Lowering Your Energy Bills During the Summer Months

July 8, 2013

energy_savingsI don’t know about you, but my energy bills always seem to rise along with the warm summer temperatures. Over the years, I’ve gathered a variety of methods for keeping my energy costs down during the summer months, and making sure that my bills don’t break the bank.

Here are 5 tried and true (and new!) methods for saving money on your house bills this summer: (more…)

Why Veterans Make Great Real Estate Agents

July 1, 2013

MilitaryRealtorEarlier this year, we introduced a new program specifically for members of the armed forces. Titled “Veterans to Real Estate Professionals (REP)”, the program is aimed at helping members of the military transition to civilian life by giving them a great career path. It’s available for National Guard and Reserve members in addition to veterans.

Why did we start this program? We found that many of our most successful sales associates were previously part of the armed forces in one way or another. We knew that developing a veterans program would be a great way to give back to those who have sacrificed for our country, and help them build a new, successful career.

It’s no surprise that veterans make such good real estate agents. Their military training has prepared them to succeed in this industry. Here are just some of the qualities that can turn a soldier into a top-producing agent: (more…)