Changing Companies in a Changing Market… Not Necessarily a Good Strategy


changing_companiesAs the real estate market is heating up, real estate agents are trying to figure out how to capitalize on the opportunities in today’s market. For some, moving to another real estate company may seem like the answer.

The reality is that changing companies in a changing market may not be a good strategy if a real estate agent is currently affiliated with a known and respected real estate brand. Such a move would likely hurt an agent’s business.

A belief long held by real estate agents is that their clients will follow them if they change companies but a recent study conducted by the global marketing firm J.D. Power turns that belief upside down. According to the study, less than 20% of recent homebuyers and sellers said they “definitely will” switch real estate companies if their sales agent moved to another company. The almost 4,000 respondents bought or sold a home using one of the nation’s known brands and over half of them chose the company based upon either reputation or recommendations.

Now, more than ever, consumers recognize that they need not only an agent who has the necessary skills and expertise but a real estate company that provides the tools and resources to support an agent in their efforts.

Additionally, now that the market has shifted very dramatically to a seller’s market, it’s more important than ever before for a real estate agent to have the tools typically provided by the larger brands in order to attract sellers and successfully compete for listings.

Bottom line, if a real estate agent is affiliated with a known and respected brand that supplies the tools and resources needed, the best way to capitalize on today’s market is for an agent to stay put and utilize what their company provides.

And if you’re not affiliated with one of the top brands in the nation, it would be a good idea to find out how to join one of these companies.

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3 Responses to “Changing Companies in a Changing Market… Not Necessarily a Good Strategy”

  1. Pat Viohl Says:

    Honestly – who would dream of leaving Metro Brokers, with all the great support we get? I’m just saying…..

  2. Tammie Carpenter Says:

    I am always happy and proud to show off all our support, technology and tools to agents shopping for a broker. Every single time… they tell me in one way or another that they are shocked to see how much Kevin offers to his agents. Get’s me excited!

  3. salasocialmarketing Says:

    I agree! You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone!

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