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It’s Time for Homeowners to List!

August 26, 2013

kevin_levent_blogNo more waiting. It’s time to get your home on the market!

Here are some notable facts from a recent report provided by our state association, Georgia Realtors®: (more…)

Considering Buying/Selling? Pack Your Patience!

August 19, 2013

bhgre_metro_brokers_agentToday’s real estate market has revealed countless components of people’s character. Many of those components are of the not so pleasant type. The extremely competitive market in which we operate today has its challenges for everyone. Whether you’re buying, selling (or both), representing a buyer or seller, facilitating financing or conducting the closing, the tension in the normal course of doing business can be anything but normal.

Today, I’ll focus on the experience from the consumer’s perspective. A later blog will focus on the service provider’s perspective.

A more thorough understanding of a consumer’s perspective can be instrumental in the service provider’s ability to accommodate the needs of the consumer. Likewise, a more educated consumer can contribute greatly toward less frustration for the service providers. (more…)

What Does it Mean to be a USAA Movers Advantage & Navy Federal Realty Plus Preferred Broker?

August 12, 2013

usaa_movers_advantageOnly a select group of top brokers nationwide can assist members of both USAA and Navy Federal with their real estate needs using either USAA’s Movers Advantage Program or Navy Federal’s Realty Plus Program.

Preferred Brokers are chosen based on their real estate experience and knowledge, and must consistently provide excellent customer service. Agents who work with USAA Movers Advantage and Navy Federal Realty must complete training requirements that ensure they provide superior service and can meet the unique needs of these programs. (more…)

What Really Influences Your Credit Score?

August 5, 2013

credit_factors2Your credit report overshadows every part of your life. Whether it’s a bank, insurance company or mortgage lender, your credit score is how they figure out whether you’re likely to miss payments or default on a loan. Now, it’s not uncommon for landlords and employers to check your credit before approving an application.

No one is exempt from the impact of their credit score.

There are five factors that determine a borrower’s credit score – payment history, debt balance, credit history, types of credit and new credit inquiries – and each factor carries a certain weight or percentage. Together, they determine a person’s credit score. Knowing which factors carry the most weight may help you the next time you’re thinking about applying for a new credit card or just paying the minimum on your balance. (more…)