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15 Reasons to be Thankful for Metro Brokers!

November 25, 2013

happy_thanksgivingAs we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, many of us are taking time to reflect upon the people and things for which we are thankful. Those of us in the real estate industry are thankful that the real estate market is in recovery and 2014 looks bright.

Agents with BHGRE Metro Brokers have many more reasons to be thankful… here are just a few: (more…)

Preparing Your Business for 2014

November 18, 2013

2014_planSo far, 2013 has been gratifying for most of the real estate industry. Phones are ringing, buyers are bidding and new homes are starting to spring up everywhere you look. The easiest course of action is to just sit back, get comfortable and wait for the phone to ring, but it won’t get you to the next step in your career.

Now is the time to start planning how you’re going to grow your business in 2014. How can you do better next year? What is my position in the market and how can it grow? What changes do you foresee in the market? Who will your customers be? (more…)

Interest Rates – One Size DOES NOT Fit All

November 11, 2013

ice_cream_interest_rates“What are the current interest rates?” This is a very common question from real estate agents and buyers. Answering the question of what’s today’s interest rate is as difficult to answer as “What’s the price of a four bedroom home in the Atlanta area?” The answer to both of these questions is, “It depends!”  There are many factors that impact both of these numbers.

The price of four bedroom homes in the Atlanta market area ranges wildly based on location, actual size of the home, amenities of the subdivision, quality of construction and construction materials, and a very long list of other factors.

Interest rates also vary wildly based on the individual borrower’s credit score, loan to value, borrower’s assets, borrower’s income, borrower’s debts and loan options such as waiving escrows, and if the property is a condo.

Interest rates are like ice cream. The price of a plain vanilla cone is one price, but if you add hot fudge, nuts, fruit and cherries, the cost goes up! (more…)

Choosing a Location for a Small Business: Lease or Buy?

November 4, 2013

lady with open signAll growing small businesses may someday be faced with the question of leasing versus buying office space. This question has many pros and cons. With ever-changing office vacancy rates and market fluctuations, it’s uncertain what the future may bring. A small business owner needs to carefully weigh the pros and cons of leasing or buying office space.

First let’s consider the advantages of owning property. Locking in your commercial mortgage long-term can give your business clear, fixed costs. The associated costs of owning and running a commercial space can provide expense deductions in the form of mortgage interest, property taxes and other items.  Owning your office can also offer the advantage of renting out extra office space adding another source of income. The prospect of owning commercial space and having the property appreciate over time allows the owner to sell eventually and fund their retirement. (more…)