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Using Your IRA to Purchase Commercial Real Estate

January 27, 2014

ira_commercial_purchaseIt sounds too good to be true: As an IRA holder, you can use your retirement funds, prior to retirement age, to purchase commercial real estate as an investment inside your retirement account without incurring penalties or taxes. Depending on the account structure, you can even purchase these investments using a checkbook tied to your IRA funds.

Since 1974, IRA and 401(k) account holders have had the option to control the ways in which their retirement monies are invested, including real estate, tax liens and other alternative assets. Because the investment is made on behalf of the retirement account, just like the IRA investing in stocks and bonds, the acquisition is made without triggering a taxable event. (more…)

The Polar Vortex and Burst Pipes

January 21, 2014

Polar_Vortex_2014By now, many of you know someone who had their plumbing pipes freeze and burst during our “Polar Vortex” sub-freezing temperatures. Or, it may have even happened to you. So how does an insurance policy respond?

Well, for a regular occupied homeowner policy or occupied rental dwelling policy, freezing of a plumbing system or household appliance is a covered loss. And, since the cause of the loss is freezing, the policy pays to repair or replace the damaged system or household appliance. In addition, if the house is not livable while the repairs are being completed, additional living expenses or loss of rent (landlord policy) are also covered. (more…)

Extreme Architecture from Around the Globe

January 13, 2014

Every once and a while, a money laden business mogul comes along and makes an architect’s dreams come true. They let their imagination run wild, and the end product can be awesome, crazy, or a mixture of both.

Here are some amazing buildings from around the world:


Piano and Violin Building – Huainan City, China.

Built in 2007, the Piano and Violin Building was designed by students of the Hefey University of Technology along with designers from Huainan Fangkai Decoration Project Company. It was built to promote a newly-developed area of the city. (more…)

Prices are Up! Appraisals are on the Rise!

January 6, 2014

home_appraisalThe recovery of the real estate market has contributed to a significant number of properties appraising for more than the sales price. There can be unintended consequences accompanied with these higher appraisals. The amount in excess of the sales price can have varied impacts on the transaction.

There are times when the property appraises for $2K-$3K above sales price and it seldom causes much concern in the transaction. However, there are also instances where properties appraise for $10K, $15K or more above the contract price and this is where the potential for issues occur. (more…)