With Color, I Can Conquer the World!


choosing_colorEveryone has that favorite outfit, business suit, dress, tie or scarf. When that favorite piece of clothing also happens to be in your best color, you can become invincible. In sales, success hinges on confidence. When your confidence is soaring, it’s the ideal opportunity for prospecting and/or closing on sales.

Knowing the color or designer that gives you that added confidence is crucial to your individual success and closing abilities. Knowing and wearing “your” color will contribute greatly to your ability to capture more listings and writing more contracts.

A quick poll of 50 – 60 people revealed several confidence boosting colors. Many of the reasons people chose particular colors were quite intriguing.

  • Blue: Calming, stunning, powerful, classy, smooth and modern.
  • Red: Energetic, alive, hot, bright, brilliant, powerful, aggressive, bold and passionate.
  • Purple: The color of royalty, charismatic, bold, smooth, outstanding, and powerful.
  • Black: Powerful, positive, authoritative, spectacular, dominant, and evil.
  • Green: Relaxing, successful, the color of money, represents life, its smooth, cool and alive.
  • Coral (a reddish orange): Honest, persuasive, bright, tropical and relaxing.
  • Charcoal Gray: Energetic, authoritative, formal and executive look.
  • Orange: Excitement and it’s an intense color.
  • Brown: Formal, rich and vibrant.
  • Green & Orange (combination): Passion for work, closings, contracts, happy homeowners, educated agents and, of course, BHGRE Metro Brokers.

When preparing to head out on your next appointment take a moment to evaluate the colors you select and the potential impact it has on your confidence. Carefully chose the color you feel will position you to take charge of that meeting. The color that empowers you to capture that next piece of business is not a color that should be taken for granted. If you know your color of success already, capitalize on it more and if you discover your color of success today, make it pay dividends immediately.

When reviewing your business plan, review the impact of your color of success. Can you capture more business by simply wearing the right color? Definitely – more confidence couldn’t hurt!

What color makes you feel as if you can conquer the world? What is your color of success?

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4 Responses to “With Color, I Can Conquer the World!”

  1. Carolyn Nicholes Says:

    Black. And I never knew I was spectaculary evil! I love the last one – the green and orange combination.

  2. Yvonne Thomas Says:

    Coral – Honest, persuasive, bright, tropical and relaxing… I guess I need to start dressing for my favorite color. Would anyone mind if I came to work in my Flip Flops? LOL

  3. Latisha Says:

    I have many…Black, Blue, or Gray each with a hint of coral, purple or red.

  4. Alonzo Jackson Says:

    Great article!!! Thanks for the tips!!!

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