New Report Lists Safest Cities in Georgia


safest_citiesThroughout my more than 30 years in real estate, housing trends have come and gone. Pastel paint, wallpaper and borders around rooms, and glass top tables are all features that have gone the way of the dodo, but there’s one home trend that has stayed constant over the years: Safety.

I spoke to thousands of families about their home buying concerns when I was a full-time selling agent, and one of their first questions was always “How safe is this neighborhood?” With that in mind, I found a great report titled “50 Safest Cities in Georgia” published by SafeWise, a safety and home security news source.

Although it lists 50 cities in the article, I’d like to cover the top 5 here. Some of the cities are well known for being safe, but others will surprise you.

5. Peachtree City

This community has become a premier community south of Atlanta, and currently has a population of about 35,000, making it one of the bigger cities on the list. According to the report, “Peachtree City manages to retain a small town charm about it, particularly in its friendly neighborhoods and community participation… With only six robberies and seven aggravated assaults in 2012, Peachtree City has proven to be one of the safest cities in Georgia.” In addition, Peachtree City is the only city in the top 5 that is south of Atlanta.

4. Holly Springs

As Marietta has grown into one of the largest cities in Georgia, homebuyers have moved northward into quieter communities such as Kennesaw, Canton and Acworth, all of which appear on this list. But at number 4, Holly Springs is the highest marked city on the list in northwest Georgia. Located in Cherokee County, the city “enjoys a low crime rate, including only seven motor vehicle thefts and no cases of murder or arson in 2012” according to SafeWise.

3. Milton

The North Fulton area has been a hotspot for homeowners for decades, and that trend isn’t changing. Cities like Roswell and Alpharetta have boasted some of the lowest crime rates for years, and the most recently incorporated city on the list – Milton – is just north of those areas and comes in at number 3 on the list. This city has already established itself as a “well-to-do destination for families and business owners” and, according to the report, had “only six robberies and no motor vehicle thefts reported in 2012”.

2. Johns Creek

Also located in the northern portion of Fulton County, Johns Creek is one of the largest cities on the list with a population of close to 80,000. With that in mind, it’s a staggering accomplishment that Johns Creek “reported no murders or arsons in 2012” per SafeWise. This city has become a destination for affluent Georgians with its “commendable public schools and neighborhoods”.

1. Auburn

On the flip side of Johns Creek, Auburn is a small town east of Hamilton Mill and just south of Chateau Elan. While it may have only 7,000 residents, the town is seeing a resurgence including “current construction of a designated downtown”.  According to the report, “only 76 crimes were reported in the entirety of 2012, including not a single murder, arson, rape, or robbery—planting it firmly at the top of our list.”

You can view the entire list on The SafeWise Report website. This is a great resource for homebuyers relocating to Georgia or anyone who’s looking to move within the state. If you’re an agent that is currently selling in these areas, this is great news for you and your clients.

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