The Importance of Going Paperless


going_paperlessEarth Day is tomorrow and it reinforces how important it is to be eco-conscious. While going green can help save our environment, it can also save companies money and make their processes more efficient. Being eco-friendly is no longer a trendy choice, it’s the best option.

In a real estate transaction, everyone involved is required to print countless documents, forms and contracts. It’s not uncommon that additional copies are required for each member of the party. With mortgage lenders, closing attorneys, office managers and brokers all involved, the pieces of paper start to pile up.

Now, imagine that hundreds of transactions are taking place on a daily basis, each one requiring numerous printed documents. That’s a lot of paper.

With that in mind, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers entered into an exclusive partnership with DotLoop last month to provide an entirely new paperless transaction experience for our real estate buyers, sellers and agents.

Although DotLoop already had a viable real estate solution available, we opted to change the system to heavily integrate our corporate office into the backend of the service. Documents are instantly shared with our office managers, who can turn around and send it to the accounting department. With this type of backend assistance, transactions will move from contract to closing even faster than before with no printing required!

Our agents are able to create unlimited documents, and all of them are safely backed up in the cloud. You no longer need to keep a file drawer full of your contracts from previous closings. They are right there, available from any computer, table or smartphone with internet access.

To encourage the conversion from paper to virtual contracts, I chose to pick up all of the cost and we offer this service for free to every agent at Metro Brokers. I felt that this is an important step in becoming more eco-friendly and focusing on the technology aspect that sets Metro Brokers apart from every other real estate company.

If you haven’t begun working in a paperless environment, I strongly suggest that you begin looking. It’s going to be up to you to choose to be eco-friendly and it’s a decision that will help our industry and our planet.

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  1. Anastasia Dallas Says:

    Thanks so very much for investing in Dot Loop. I entered the company at the right time.

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