Real Estate’s Most Valuable Asset


real_estate_agentThe perception that the public often has of Realtors® is not a good one. Consumer advocates, the media and self help authors will offer the public reasons why real estate agents are not working in the best interest of consumers. I believe many of these specialists do not understand what Realtors really do. They think all the agent does is unlock a door.

First of all, I still think that agents showing properties is very important. Agents have knowledge about houses themselves, which is an entire subject itself. Just for starters, most buyers don’t understand construction, floor plans or local design all of which can affect the re-sale value, not to mention community information, school information and commutes to and from various locations, which is why an agent is critical even in the beginning. 

Secondly, the agent offers a sense of security. If I were a buyer, I would want an agent to go along with me to look at a home partly for that reason. The seller should want this, too. I would not want just any old body entering my home just because they have a passcode or credit card which would allow them entry. There are numerous reasons why agents are the best gatekeepers in the real estate process.

The buying and selling public should be educated to the fact that the agent is not just in the process to get the buyer or seller under contract. The real hard work begins from contact to closing when an agent’s knowledge of real estate really comes into play. Problems inevitably crop up somewhere along the line right up until the closing has occurred. The buyer or seller’s agent is the one who finds the answers to solving the long list of possible hiccups that can occur. Agents are the soldiers on the battlefield of negotiating solutions to issues and disputes.

This doesn’t even include all the ancillary services that agents offer to aid buyers and sellers. Agents recommend financial advisors, inspectors, rental options, leases, clean up and repair services. The list is nearly endless.

So agents I say go out there and brag about yourself and what you do because you’re the best support buyers and sellers will ever have! Please share YOUR reasons why realtors are still needed in the home viewing process!

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  1. Jacki deleon Says:

    Yay us! Thank you for that article

  2. anastasiadallas Says:

    Thanks for the article. That gives me a boost, and shows that people really do need agents.

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