Great Customer Service is the Key to Unlock Referrals


retso_buyers_panelAs real estate professionals, we’re in the service industry. We service the needs of buyer, sellers, tenants and landlords as we assist with their housing needs. There are numerous tools and technological advancements that have contributed greatly toward increasing our abilities to provide services to our consumers. In the process of embracing technology and the many tools available to us, don’t forget to actually service the customer. It’s imperative that we help the customer accomplish their goals.

A recent panel of buyers and sellers were invited to the RESTO conference to help further the education of real estate professionals. While each buyer and seller understood that they needed an agent, both sets of panels reported various areas where the agents could have done a better job. Here are some of the items consistently brought up by the panelists:

  • There was a greater need for honest communication, follow up, feedback and realistic expectations.
  • They reported communication breakdowns as a major issue.
  • At various stages of the transactions, the consumers had no knowledge of what the agents were doing for them or if they were even working on their listings or sales.
  • The inability to reach agents at crucial times was also a concern. Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder in a real estate transaction. Customers need to know that their trusted advisors are there for them and there with them throughout the transaction.

Successful agents with a proven track record of providing high levels of customer service position themselves to receive more referrals. After all, referrals are produced as a result of satisfied customers.  More referrals lead to more transactions closed.

If you’re looking to increase your referrals generated, it all starts with increasing the level of customer service your customers are receiving. Happy customers are excited to tell their friends and relatives about what an incredible job you’ve done. Many will insist that you be contacted when a real estate need arises.

Take time in every situation to have open dialogue with the customer to set the proper expectation as to the service that you strive to provide and allow the consumer to express their service expectations. When you develop a plan that accommodates the consumer’s needs, success is an absolute certainty.

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  1. joedalio Says:

    Thank you for the excellent info! There are many great companies out there. It’s a simple fact that excellent service is what separates the best from the rest 🙂

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