Texting and Driving a True Danger in Our Industry


texting_and_drivingI know full well the importance of communication as a real estate agent. If you aren’t the first one to respond to a lead, or you aren’t responding quickly enough to a client, you can end up losing out on valuable business or souring a relationship.

It also doesn’t help that we’re on the road so often. Many times, it feels like we spend more time in our cars – driving around to different listings – than we spend in the office.

But it’s important to remember that safety comes first. ALWAYS.

Recently, I’ve been hearing about a rash of incidents involving texting and driving. Texting has become an important method of communication, and many clients prefer this method over the old-fashioned phone call. In addition, many lead resources – including our own LeadRouter – have a texting feature that many agents prefer over email, since it allows them to return a lead’s call as soon as possible.

When it comes to being in the driver’s seat, it’s important to focus on one thing first and foremost: Driving. Trying to read and respond to texts or emails while driving in our Georgia traffic is a danger to yourself and others.

Here are my suggestions when you receive a text or email and feel the need to answer it while driving:

  • Pull over into a parking lot to return the message. This might waste a few moments of your time, but it’s much safer.
  • Call the person back instead of texting. If you explain that you’re in the middle of driving, but wanted to get back with them as soon as possible, they’ll understand.
  • If you have someone else in the car – such as a friend, family member or significant other – hand them the phone and have them reply for you.
  • If it’s not urgent, just wait. You can always get back to your client, friend or family member when you get to your destination.

If your safety isn’t a good enough reason, the state of Georgia prohibits drivers from texting while driving, and you could receive a $150 fine if you’re caught by a police officer.

Remember, your health is worth much more than your business. Let’s keep safe while out on the road.

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