Holiday Card Time!


holiday_cardsThis is the best time of year to touch base with all of your past customers. This includes your client base that has relocated to another part of the United States. “Out of sight, out of mind” shouldn’t be your philosophy now. Often those previous clients who moved to Kansas, California, Texas or wherever may still need your assistance and should be on your holiday card radar.

There are lots of ways you can reach out to your customers across the country. If you keep in touch via newsletter, create a holiday theme and offer decorating advice or share a recipe. In your newsletter, let them know what’s happening in the real estate market currently and, oh by the way, if they are looking to make a lifestyle change or move again, you’re still their Realtor® and you can help them anywhere in the country as you work all markets nationwide.

Many transferees start as renters. Now is a good time to send them a holiday card with a personal note wishing them a wonderful season. Let them know the upcoming spring market is going to be even better than last year and rental rates are always going up. Once the presents are all unwrapped, maybe making plans to get into a home this year is a great goal for 2015.

You probably have a few transferees you’re in touch with currently who are moving to Metro Atlanta in the new few months. Be sure to send them a holiday greeting and add some helpful hints regarding preparations for their upcoming move such as visiting related websites and working on a priorities list so they stick to what really matters to them in the event they need to make compromises. And again let them know what is happening in the Atlanta market. The best way to avoid angry buyers who are new to the Atlanta market is to make sure they really understand the market conditions now.

Be sure to personalize your cards and letters with a little about yourself. Let them know what’s up with you this holiday season.

By the way…have a very merry, happy, wonderful holiday yourself!

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