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Being TOO Connected Turns Some/Most/Important People Off

May 23, 2011

I just found the perfect gift for everyone on my holiday gift list! Yes, I know it’s only May but when an epiphany like this strikes, I pay attention.

The perfect gift is a special fabric pouch which blocks all incoming calls to a cell phone. The nami fabric made bags can block cell phones from receiving calls. Your numbers appear as “unavailable” or “busy network” to the person calling you. The bag also can be used as a pocket for money or cards. It works with all networks and is easy to use, just put your phone into the bag and all calls will not get through. I’ve even seen a version to be used on a date or social occasion embroidered with, “I’ve blocked my phone for you.” How romantic.

How practical in business situations, too. Have you seen the commercials on TV when an interviewee’s phone goes off at the wrong time and the (foolish) interviewee ANSWERS it? And holds her finger up to the prospective employer in a gesture telling him to “hold on”?

Here are several other cell phone turn-offs I’ve encountered: (more…)