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Texting and Driving a True Danger in Our Industry

September 15, 2014

texting_and_drivingI know full well the importance of communication as a real estate agent. If you aren’t the first one to respond to a lead, or you aren’t responding quickly enough to a client, you can end up losing out on valuable business or souring a relationship.

It also doesn’t help that we’re on the road so often. Many times, it feels like we spend more time in our cars – driving around to different listings – than we spend in the office.

But it’s important to remember that safety comes first. ALWAYS. (more…)

What Message Are You Sending?

March 24, 2014

bad_communicationToday’s environment is consumed with endless means of non-“oral” communication methods. Texting, emails, instant messaging, letters, notes and stickies are just a few.

When drafting an email or written message, you must be mindful of how you attempt to convey your messages. Often, the recipient of a message interprets it differently from the expectations of the well intentioned sender perspective. This often results in a moment or situation that stalls progress or even creates a confrontation.


Multiple Email Addresses? No Problem With Outlook

December 17, 2012

organizing_emailIn today’s world of email communication, it’s not uncommon to have multiple email addresses where you receive certain types of email. In addition to a work email account, some agents have set up their own email based on their personal website (for example, or even multiple personal accounts (Gmail for family/friends and Yahoo for my Fantasy Football Team!).

At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers, we give every agent an “” email for a reason: Because it’s the most professional way to communicate with your customers. While a Gmail account is useful, it should only be used for non-professional communication.

But I regularly have agents tell me that “I use my personal [insert Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or even AOL] email address for my business because it’s too hard to keep up with another email address”. This is beyond frustrating. (more…)