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The Importance of Going Paperless

April 21, 2014

going_paperlessEarth Day is tomorrow and it reinforces how important it is to be eco-conscious. While going green can help save our environment, it can also save companies money and make their processes more efficient. Being eco-friendly is no longer a trendy choice, it’s the best option.

In a real estate transaction, everyone involved is required to print countless documents, forms and contracts. It’s not uncommon that additional copies are required for each member of the party. With mortgage lenders, closing attorneys, office managers and brokers all involved, the pieces of paper start to pile up.

Now, imagine that hundreds of transactions are taking place on a daily basis, each one requiring numerous printed documents. That’s a lot of paper. (more…)

Earth Day Tips

April 25, 2011

Friday was Earth Day. Do you have any earth friendly tips? If you need some inspiration, check out some of the tips below featured in the article titled “Easy Ways to Go Green” from the Motherboards.

Tip – Be a Green Role Model

“We’re trying to teach our kids the value of recycling and conservation, because if they grow up with these values, it will become habit; they won’t even think twice. It will simply be a way of life.” —Kelli W.,West Virginia

Do It
Monkey see, monkey do! Mimicry begins at birth, and it’s never too soon to start practicing what you preach. Give earth-friendly habits a kid-friendly spin by turning recycling into a game, spending a day—or weekend—traveling only by bike, foot, or on public transportation, and incorporating recycled materials into afternoon craft projects. By teaching sustainable habits, you’re creating lifelong ways of living green. (more…)