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Really… Really?

December 6, 2010

Have you seen the new Windows Phone 7 commercial (view it on YouTube) where a person is texting while ignoring someone who is right there trying to get their attention? They ask “REALLY… REALLY?” Children, spouses and friends are truly disgusted. I especially love the sexy wife whose husband is oblivious. It does seem like everybody is off in their own little universe and unaware of life happening just beyond their bubble. Am I the only person to notice or have you noticed it, too?

I think I saw the ultimate case of life in the bubble. Last night, when I was at the store the Christmas Bell Ringer for Salvation Army was ringing his bell while texting. (more…)

Moving Forward: Metro Brokers Mobile

May 7, 2009

Let’s just say that working for Kevin Levent keeps every day interesting.  Let’s take, for example, a comment from last week’s blog where he “accidentally” let the cat out of the bag about our new mobile website.  Way to steal my thunder Kevin!

Well, today I get to announce OFFICIALLY that we launched a mobile version of the Metro Brokers website.  I can’t tell you how excited all us techies are.  It not only uses some cool new technology (ASP.Net MVC for those technically inclined), but it’s super fast and leverages the power of our one-0f-a-kind listing search engine.

I’ll list some highlights for you here, but make sure to check it out yourself.  Go to from your mobile phone, or just hit from anywhere.