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Working with a Relocation Management Company

February 2, 2015

blog 2At some point in your career, you’ll probably be requested by a corporate transferee to assist them either in a home purchase or home sale transaction. You might be wondering what that means to you. Corporate transferees are customers who have been directed by their employers to make a job transfer. For the most part, they wait until their human resources director tells them what steps they need to make and when, but sometimes the transferees jump the gun and makes decisions on their own that can affect how their employer helps them financially. What does this mean to you and to the customer?

You as the associate and service provider always want to protect the transferee’s benefits, so here are some rules and strategies to make sure you don’t make mistakes that jeopardize their benefits and your commission. (more…)

Holiday Card Time!

December 8, 2014

holiday_cardsThis is the best time of year to touch base with all of your past customers. This includes your client base that has relocated to another part of the United States. “Out of sight, out of mind” shouldn’t be your philosophy now. Often those previous clients who moved to Kansas, California, Texas or wherever may still need your assistance and should be on your holiday card radar.

There are lots of ways you can reach out to your customers across the country. If you keep in touch via newsletter, create a holiday theme and offer decorating advice or share a recipe. In your newsletter, let them know what’s happening in the real estate market currently and, oh by the way, if they are looking to make a lifestyle change or move again, you’re still their Realtor® and you can help them anywhere in the country as you work all markets nationwide.


The Power of Referrals in Your Business Plan

July 28, 2014

referral_techniquesReal estate professionals across the country recognize the value of referrals in their business planning.  Whether referring across town or across the country, referral dollars can increase your bottom line.

Are you capturing referral dollars in your business plan?

As mid-year passes, now is a great time to evaluate your business plan and think about how referral dollars can keep you on track to your goal.

Let’s look at four ways you can increase your referral business. (more…)

Is Real Estate Your Hobby?

December 9, 2013

bad_voice_mailYou may be unwittingly giving your customers this impression. I often call agents to discuss real estate business and get voice mail messages that tell me they aren’t interested in doing business. And if I think you aren’t interesting in doing business, then you know that potential clients are probably feeling the same.

Here are a few examples of voice mails that turn customers OFF:  (more…)

What Does it Mean to be a USAA Movers Advantage & Navy Federal Realty Plus Preferred Broker?

August 12, 2013

usaa_movers_advantageOnly a select group of top brokers nationwide can assist members of both USAA and Navy Federal with their real estate needs using either USAA’s Movers Advantage Program or Navy Federal’s Realty Plus Program.

Preferred Brokers are chosen based on their real estate experience and knowledge, and must consistently provide excellent customer service. Agents who work with USAA Movers Advantage and Navy Federal Realty must complete training requirements that ensure they provide superior service and can meet the unique needs of these programs. (more…)

Entertaining Home Inspection Photos!

February 4, 2013

Over my many years of experience in both relocation and foreclosure assistance, I’ve come into contact with a long list of home inspectors and have seen my fair share of home inspection photos. I recently came across an entertaining article about home inspection photos on the Zillow Blog, and I just had to share!

Bent Outlet Cover


Well, I guess this is an interesting solution for when the cover plate just won’t fit in the allotted space! (more…)

Take Advantage of a Hot Housing Market!

November 26, 2012

It’s hard to believe that just four years ago there were more than 100,000 listings in Metro Atlanta.  Now there are fewer than 40,000. What does this mean to the ever-changing housing market? Just remember your basic laws of economics of supply and demand.

From our perch here in relocation, we’re seeing a definite surge in demand for homes throughout our market area. The low inventory has become a problem for transferees moving into the Atlanta market because they might find a home they like, but there’s already an offer on it.  (more…)

Shake Hands, Don’t Shake Down

March 12, 2012

Do you remember when Julia Roberts dressed in her “street” clothes and shopped on Rodeo Drive, and she was snubbed? Then, she came back looking like “money” and they were all over themselves trying to get her business. She reminded them of her past treatment and said “HUGE MISTAKE, HUGE”. I have actually heard similar stories from customers recently who were very upset that their agent talked about money before they even had an opportunity to talk to the customer about their wants and needs. I agree with Julia: Huge mistake.

I think two things come into play here. First, we’ve been conditioned from real estate birth to find out if our prospect qualifies to purchase. Today’s customer is really quite offended by the money conversation right out of the gate. Today’s buyer wants to know if their agent cares about them and can give them the level of service they expect. There’s nothing wrong with having them qualified by a mortgage company, in fact it’s beneficial to everyone, but only after you’ve established a relationship with the customer. Give them a chance to see if the relationship is a good fit for them and for you. (more…)

Reluctance to Relocating on the Rise

October 8, 2009

stay or goYes, there is a definite new trend out there in the relocation world. Reluctance to transfer is up 79% according to an article in Mobility magazine’s September issue. The main reason cited is that most transferees are having a hard time selling their current homes.

No surprise there. Most sellers cannot believe that they may have a “loss-on-sale”. They want to know what their options are first. We now know that these and other issues facing transferees are causing a shift in the strategies employers are using to evaluate the employees chances of having a successful move and giving the transferees more options for a new assignment.


The Relocation Agents of the Future

October 1, 2009

atlanta relocation agentAll aspects of our industry are changing rapidly. Sometimes adversity allows us to look at the way we live and work in a different way. The relocation industry is undergoing some major changes now and will endure even more in the future. Therefore the future relocation agent will work differently as well.

Let me suggest what the future Atlanta relocation agent might need to be prepared for:


Tips to Buying Corporate Owned Homes

September 11, 2009

housing choicesMany buyers ask to see homes that are corporate owned because they are usually priced right and they’re in good condition. There are procedures that are unique to these homes that you should be aware of when a buyer wants to make an offer on either a “Corporate Owned” or a “Marketing Assistance” property.


The New Look of Corporate Moves

August 3, 2009

corporate relocationRelocation has seen a dip in the number of corporate transferees coming into the Atlanta area. And for the first time in a couple of years, there has also been a drop in the number of moves out of Atlanta. What does this mean to Atlanta and for you, the agent, who works with relocating families? 

Okay. It’s true that corporate America is not moving as many employees as it has over the past 25 years. That doesn’t mean that employees are not being asked to take a job in another city; it’s just that companies are not offering the deluxe packages they once did.