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Are You a Victim of These Common Real Estate Myths?

June 13, 2011

Realtors® are expected to demonstrate competence in working with or representing buyers, tenants and owners. Ninety-nine percent sincerely try to fulfill this requirement. To do so, Realtors® must know the “rules of the game”. Imagine playing Monopoly or some other fairly involved game with someone who has never played that game before. They don’t know the rules. They have no clue that Boardwalk is a better property to build houses and hotels on than Baltic Avenue. They don’t understand the value of accumulating all the properties of one color or accumulating all the utilities or railroads. Who do you think will win the game every time? Right, the person who knows and understands the rules of the game.

In order not to be caught in the embarrassing position of “not knowing the rules” and possibly looking less than “competent” in the eyes of your buyers and sellers, check out the following MYTHS which trip up many, many agents. (more…)