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Earthquake!! Life and Times of an Insurance Adjuster

October 4, 2010

Insurance Adjuster earthquakeSeptember of 1989 began an unprecedented series of natural disasters when Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina. Little did we know at the time, this would begin a pattern of at least two major events per year for the next 10 years that would change the way insurance companies treated both consumers and their employees.

These events would include at least one major hail storm per year coupled with many others scattered throughout the southwest including hurricanes and earthquakes. Hurricane Andrew hit in August of 1992, becoming the costliest disaster on record for insurance companies with billions of dollars paid out in claims.

As a result, the “loyalty” from the insurance company once coveted by consumers took a direct turn to a total focus on the bottom line, profitability. No longer did it matter you had been insured with one company for 25 years with no claims, once you had a string of bad luck, you were canceled. (more…)